July 2023 etvScandal teasers

Word on the street has it that Scandal is pregnant with Abel’s baby🤰. Below is what is coming next on etvScandal:

Tuesday 25 July 2023 – Episode 4395:
A thief’s blunder leaves behind a crucial clue at Chillax. A boss must humble herself to win back her employee, but will he accept her offer? A husband attempts to ignite intimacy with his wife.

July 2023 etvScandal teasers

Wednesday 26 July 2023 – Episode 4396:
A family reunion conceals deep-seated secrets. Ndumiso refuses to let go. An apology is given and forgiven. Gloria struggles to contain her emotions.

Thursday 27 July 2023 – Episode 4397:
Phakamile makes a life-altering discovery. Nhlamulo encounters a surprising blast from the past, evoking nostalgia. A medical test reveals significant news.

Friday 28 July 2023 – Episode 4398:
Disturbing news leaves a brother torn between choices. Nhlamulo is deeply moved by a woman’s plight. A relieved husband finds his suspicions were unfounded.

Monday 31 July 2023 – Episode 4399:
A slave attempts escape but faces the harsh reality of illusory freedom. Uthuli spreads love and warmth throughout the city. Lies and deceit shroud a conflicted woman’s secret.

See Below What Not To Wear When Going On A Job Interview


People say you can know a lot about a person just by merely looking at the shoes he or she is wearing. When attending an interview one should not put on shoes that are not ideal to the kind of a job he/she applying for.

For example, when applying for a farm manager’s post do not wear formal shoes that have a bright color let’s say white or wear a safety shoe when applying for an accountant post at a bank. One should wear shoes that suit with the job formal shoes for formal white-collar jobs, safety shoes for jobs that require such safety.


Before going on an interview it is important that you research the entity’s culture. This, however, is important in that it helps you to match the clothes you would wear for the interview with the organizational culture. The people on the selection panel always look for that particular person who shows the potential of fitting well in the organization.

One is not supposed to wear shouting clothes or some may call a bright color. For a formal job, a suit or a costume of black, dark blue, grey or any other dull color may be perfect. For a causal job, one needs to be casual depending on the requirements of the entity.

However, being too casual is a sign that “please do not hire me”. No matter how casual a job may be, do not wear ripped jeans, shorts, sleeveless clothes, tight clothes, or see-through blouses.


Do not wear too much jewelry when going on an interview. Your earrings should not be too conspicuous. Do not wear necklaces with a symbol for the organization is made up of diverse employees from different religions.

The African Tradition is so particular with jewelry for there is a language that is spoken by just a mere nose piercing ring, I am not saying one should not be pierced in any way deemed perfect to him or she for this is a free nation. But I do advise you not to put on the ring.


When going for an interview, one is not supposed to wear overbearing perfumes. Some sprays may trigger conditions in some people such as epilepsy or even memories, and this may work against you. One should wear perfumes or sprays that are mild.

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