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Dintle finds Motshabi’s father. Coming up next in March 2023 on etvScandal

Dintle has finally found Motshabi’s potential father. Apparently it’s an old man in his 50s yet looks 70 years old. See what fans think who the perSon is:

Dintle finds Motshabi’s father. Coming up next in March 2023 on etvScandal
Dintle finds Motshabi’s father. Coming up next in March 2023 on etvScandal

Below are the official teasers:

Wednesday 1 March 2023 – Episode 4291:

A blackmailer thinks they’re hot stuff, but little do they know, a trap is being set for them. A daughter is left stunned by some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Nhlamulo and Vuvu find themselves in a game they didn’t plan for. Will they be able to handle the heat or will they get burned?

Thursday 2 March 2023 – Episode 4292:

Nhlamulo finds himself entangled in a cunning scheme against a friend. Mary sets out to do a good deed, but she’s in for a big surprise when she finds out who’s involved. Dintle is left pondering about what the future holds for her. Will she be able to figure things out or will she remain lost?

Friday 3 March 2023 – Episode 4293:

Jakes is given the opportunity to play the role of an undercover spy. Unfortunately, Bongi’s on-screen debut doesn’t go as planned. Prudence’s coaching methods rub Vuvu the wrong way. Will they be able to find a way to work together or will they continue to clash?

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Monday 6 March 2023 – Episode 4294:

Taps learns the hard way that a party is not a party until someone passes out. Dintle is forced to look back at her past to move forward. A stolen kiss leads to an awkward moment and more questions. Will they be able to find the answers they’re looking for?

Tuesday 7 March 2023 – Episode 4295:

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Taps is knocked off his high horse when he realizes he’s lost something valuable. Bongi sets out to sabotage her superior. Cee-Jay offers to lend a hand to Dintle, sensing that she’s searching for something serious. Will they be able to find what they’re looking for or is it already lost?

Wednesday 8 March 2023 – Episode 4296:

Jojo realizes that he may have traded one bad situation for another. Allegations of a serious ethics breach turn into a media circus. A young lady stumbles upon a situation she wasn’t supposed to witness. Will the truth come out or will it remain hidden?

Thursday 9 March 2023 – Episode 4297:

Resentment starts to brew as boundaries are set. Despite facing cancel culture, Dintle sticks to her guns. Mary finds an ally in Zinzile and they’re determined to make things right. Will they be able to succeed or will they fall short?

Friday 10 March 2023 – Episode 4298:

Dintle takes back her power with a bold move. Petunia finally receives some good news. Unfortunately, Winnie reaches out to the wrong person. Zinzile arrives at the Commune and makes her intentions clear. Will they be able to work together or will they clash?

Monday 13 March 2023 – Episode 4299:

A trail of roses doesn’t always lead to a romantic outcome. Sparks fly at Larona’s christening after party. Dintle’s countermove gains traction, but has it come too late to save her and Izigigaba?

Tuesday 14 March 2023 – Episode 4300:

A woman is left shocked when she meets her admirer face-to-face. The Commune has turned into a boxing ring, and it seems like the fight won’t end. NFH is rocked by shocking news. Will they be able to handle what’s coming their way or will it all fall apart?

Wednesday 15 March 2023
Episode 4301

Dintle gets a terrifying phone call and reacts predictably. Layla is stunned to learn the new owner of NFH. Zinzile is angry about Mlungisi’s position until he reveals a secret that leaves her beaming.

Thursday 16 March 2023
Episode 4302

Hlengi’s fury reaches boiling point, and she’s ready to take drastic action. Andries pressures Nhlamulo to do the right thing. Layla receives an offer she can’t refuse.

Friday 17 March 2023
Episode 4303

Hlengi goes for the jugular, but a surprise visitor throws a wrench into her plans. Zinzile delivers a cutting farewell to Vuvu. Dintle is underwhelmed by the results of a DNA test.

Monday 20 March 2023
Episode 4304

Pablo’s arrival raises the stakes. Vuvu asks tough questions, but is she prepared for the answers? Tebello meets someone who stirs new emotions in him.

Tuesday 21 March 2023
Episode 4305

A man receives a clear threat to disappear, but will he take it seriously? Neo is curious about Tebello’s odd behavior. Vuvu makes a bold decision to protect her children.

Wednesday 22 March 2023
Episode 4306

Hlengi refuses to back down, even when she crosses paths with a dangerous criminal. Zinzile has opinions on Nhlamulo’s future. Tebello’s enthusiasm about Nqobile’s passion is contagious.

Thursday 23 March 2023
Episode 4307

Mdala is taken aback by an unexpected visitor who brings a warning that could change everything. Vuvu receives approval from an unlikely source. Tebello’s persistence gives him insight into his new friend’s situation.

Friday 24 March 2023
Episode 4308

Hlengiwe’s triumph is short-lived when she discovers devastating news. A mother reconciles with her long-lost daughter. A friendship blossoms into a business partnership, thanks to garbage.

Monday 27 March 2023
Episode 4309

Hlengiwe faces a painful truth, while Layla pressures Dintle to take action. Vuvu puts Nhlamulo in a difficult position with her intentions. Freddie keeps a promise.

Tuesday 28 March 2023
Episode 4310

Hlengiwe makes a bold move to get answers. Pablo notices something intriguing. Nhlamulo’s romantic gesture hits a snag. Tebello learns about the friend-zone and is uneasy.

Wednesday 29 March 2023
Episode 4311

Death knocks on the door, and chaos ensues. Tebello wants to take his relationship to the next level, but Neo is wary. Prudence reminds everyone that pastors have boundaries.

Thursday 30 March 2023
Episode 4312

Mdala confronts the person he believes is responsible for a tragic event. A new order is established, but not everyone is on board. Tebello is upset but finds resolution.

Friday 31 March 2023
Episode 4313

Tlhogi interrogates Mdala about an innocent woman’s fate, but the answers aren’t satisfactory. Dintle receives a surprise visit, and Taps witnesses a crime. A woman seeks clarity about her relationship after feeling insecure about her partner’s past.

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