“English Never Loved Us”: Makhadzi Breaks the Internet with Her Broken English After Nigeria Beats South Africa at AFCON

Makhadzi’s Broken English Goes Viral After Nigeria’s Win Against South Africa in AFCON

Makhadzi, the renowned South African musician, has yet again become the talk of social media due to her unique use of the English language.

Her latest uproar came following South Africa’s national football team, Bafana Bafana’s defeat against Nigeria during the AFCON semi-finals.

Taking to her social media platforms after the match, Makhadzi commended the Bafana Bafana team for their effort, writing:

“But they plaid shem. They foght 🫶🫶🫶🥂”

Instead of the correct version: “But they played shame. They fought.”

This simple comment sparked a flurry of reactions online. Netizens found her post amusing, flooding the comment section with jokes about her English. Many joked that her broken English only added insult to injury after South Africa’s loss to Nigeria.

However, amidst the laughter, some suggested that Makhadzi should consider hiring a Social Media Manager to avoid such language blunders in the future.

Here are some reactions from social media:

@Myzo Lyza:

“This is the only dopest English that matters in the world🔥 Aowa ausaka not foght but Ford😂 Actually they plate not plaid🤞🤣”


“Ah mara Makhadzi, you are making matters worse nwana mukalaha. Tšhivenda would have still come out alright thii🤭”


“My favourite artist sometimes the English eish😢😢😢”


“You’re also getting deported tomorrow🤣”


“Akahambe naye lo…ngeke phela sidlale yena thina… she’s not one of us…plaid nje kanjalo, sies”

This isn’t the first time Makhadzi has stirred up social media with her unique language usage. Last year, she made a similar grammar mistake when thanking everyone who bought tickets for her One Woman Show, writing ‘buyed’ instead of ‘bought’.

Makhadzi’s language quirks continue to entertain and engage her fans, showcasing her authenticity in a world where perfection is often overrated.

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