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Don Design Breaks His Silence After AKA’s Burial

Don Design Breaks His Silence After AKA’s Burial. The tragic death of Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes on 18th March 2021 sent shockwaves across the music industry and the country as a whole. In the aftermath of his death, one of AKA’s close friends, Don Design, found himself at the center of intense speculation and rumors.

Don Design was with AKA the night he got gunned down in Durban, Florida road, and when CCTV footage leaked, many people speculated that he had a hand in the murder.

As a long-term friend of AKA, Don Design’s association with the artist did not help his case, and social media trolls targeted him relentlessly. Even heartfelt speeches by AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, and father, Tony Forbes, failed to sway public opinion. But now, Don Design has broken his silence and taken to Instagram to send a heartfelt message to his departed friend, saying they will meet again on the other side.

Don Design Breaks His Silence After AKA’s Burial

Don Design was with the Forbes family ever since the death of AKA, and he never left their side. He attended AKA’s memorial and funeral, where he was seated behind the family. Speaking at the memorial service, Lynn Forbes publicly displayed her love for Don Design and said she does not care what social media trolls say about him.

She called him her son and said she loves him. Tony Forbes also condemned the public for speaking negatively about Don Design, saying, “We do not condone what is being said about AKA’s friends.”

The Forbes family’s lawyer also spoke out against the public’s negative comments about Don Design. He said that Don Design was almost like a child to the Forbes family and that nobody was pointing any fingers at him apart from people on social media.

Speaking to Newzroom Afrika, he said, “At the end of the day, everybody is looking for answers, and we would all like to know what actually led to this. Some of Kiernan’s close friends have now received a lot of blame, and there are many people that are analyzing the videos. I have seen a lot of comments about Don Design, who is Kiernan’s DJ, and who he traveled with almost everywhere. But we are definitely not entertaining it.”

The lawyer went on to say that he was with Don Design and Siya, who were with AKA all the time, and that they are not pointing any fingers at Don Design. The public’s negativity towards Don Design highlights a broader issue with social media and how it can impact people’s lives. People need to be more mindful of the things they say online and the impact they can have on other people’s lives.

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In conclusion, Don Design’s heartfelt message to his friend AKA is a reminder that, despite the negativity and speculation surrounding his friend’s death, love and friendship still exist.

The Forbes family’s support for Don Design is an example of how we should treat each other with kindness and compassion, even in difficult times. As we continue to mourn the loss of AKA, let us remember to be kind and supportive of those who loved him and knew him best.

Don Design Deletes Facebook Account Amidst Accusations of Giving Signal to AKA’s Shooters

Don Design, a prominent South African creative designer, disc jockey, and singer, has deleted his Facebook account after being accused of involvement in the assassination of his close friend, AKA, a popular South African hip-hop artist.

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According to videos circulating on social media, Don Design was seen making eye contact with the shooters before allegedly giving a signal that they should advance to kill AKA. The incident has sparked widespread outrage and disbelief among South Africans.

Don Design Deletes Facebook Account Amidst Accusations of Giving Signal to AKA’s Shooters

The accusations against Don Design are based on a video that shows him walking with a group of people on a busy street in Johannesburg. As the group approached AKA’s car, which was parked on the side of the road, Don Design allegedly looked at one of the shooters who was standing across the street and gave him a signal to move forward. The shooter then advanced slowly, passing a car that was near AKA, before giving a stretch signal to the other shooters. The rest, as they say, is history.

The video also shows Don Design taking a selfie with AKA just minutes before the shooting. He is seen closing his ears immediately after the gunshots are fired, suggesting that he knew what was about to happen.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many South Africans expressing shock and disbelief that Don Design, who was supposed to be AKA’s friend, could allegedly be involved in his assassination. Some have even called for his arrest and prosecution.

In response to the accusations, Don Design has deleted his Facebook account, but he remains active on Instagram. It is not clear whether he deleted his Facebook account because of the multiple tags he received or out of respect for AKA.

The incident has also raised concerns about the use of social media to spread false information and incite violence. In recent years, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been criticized for their role in spreading fake news and hate speech, which has led to violence and political unrest in some countries.

In South Africa, social media has played a significant role in mobilizing people around political and social issues. However, it has also been used to spread false information and incite violence, particularly during times of political unrest.

The AKA shooting is a tragic reminder of the power of social media and the need for responsible use. While social media can be a powerful tool for mobilization and social change, it can also be used to spread hate and incite violence. It is up to all of us to use social media responsibly and to ensure that our actions do not contribute to the spread of false information or the incitement of violence.

The shooting of AKA is a tragic event that has shocked and saddened many South Africans. The allegations against Don Design are serious and warrant investigation. It is important to remember that social media can be a powerful tool for change, but it must be used responsibly to ensure that it does not contribute to the spread of false information or the incitement of violence. As we continue to grapple with the aftermath of this tragic event, let us all reflect on our own actions and the impact they have on our society.

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