DJ Tira’s wife exposed for cheating

Gugu Khathi, the wife of DJ Tira, has been embroiled in rumors of an affair with Tebogo Lerole from the Kwela Tebza band, as revealed by gender activist Sli Khumalo.

DJ Tira’s wife exposed for cheating

The alleged incident took place during the Eastern Cape SUV challenge event last weekend. According to Sli, Tebogo attempted to convince her to share a room with his female companion so that he could spend time alone with Gugu. However, she refused, leading to tension between them.

Sli Khumalo claims to have voice recordings and chat messages with the involved parties, shedding light on what transpired during the event. After Sli stood her ground and declined Tebogo’s request, Gugu apparently sent her a disrespectful text, attempting to intimidate her. Undeterred, Sli expressed her frustration, emphasizing that she doesn’t mind people’s personal choices but dislikes being dragged into their affairs and subjected to bullying behavior.

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Price of Comprehensive Insurance and Vehicle Type

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Coverage and Protection Provided by Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is particularly beneficial for financed or leased vehicles. This coverage protects against damage to your vehicle that is not your fault, such as vandalism, theft, or other non-collision incidents.

Though not everyone may need comprehensive insurance, it is recommended for those seeking maximum protection. Assess the value of your car and your ability to afford potential repairs to make an informed decision. In some cases, lienholders may require comprehensive insurance for financed vehicles, adding an additional layer of protection.

Understanding Policy Exclusions

When considering comprehensive insurance, it’s crucial to be aware of any policy exclusions. Exclusions can include specific accidents and events that are not the fault of the insured, making it essential to carefully read through the policy. In areas prone to natural disasters, this understanding is particularly crucial.

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