DJ Sbu new look explained

DJ Sbu, also known as Sbusiso Leope, recently shared the reasons behind his new “natural” look with his fans. In a viral video on Twitter, the media personality and entrepreneur discussed why he has chosen to grow out his hair and beard.

First and foremost, DJ Sbu expressed that he feels confident and great in his appearance. He emphasized that he wants to be comfortable in his own skin.

Furthermore, DJ Sbu revealed that he is on a spiritual journey, which has influenced his decision to embrace his natural features. He explained that he feels a deep connection with nature and even goes as far as hugging trees. In line with this sentiment, he can often be seen walking the streets of Mzansi without shoes, as he aims to stay in touch with the natural world.

DJ Sbu new look explained

Not only has DJ Sbu’s external appearance changed, but his lifestyle has also undergone a transformation. He admitted to making financial mistakes in the past, including indulging in expensive cars and extravagant parties. However, he has since gained a new perspective on life and is in the process of launching a second book that reflects his newfound purpose and outlook.

The reactions to DJ Sbu’s new look have been varied.


“We are waiting for his first reggae album,” @Cpt_Yellowboss responded.

“It’s good to know that DJ Sbu’s decision to embrace his natural hair and connect with nature isn’t just because he lost his razor and shoes! 😂 In all seriousness, it takes courage to follow a spiritual journey and make changes that feel authentic to oneself. Kudos to him🙌,” @Contro7ersial wrote.

“Never rule out witchcraft,” @atlasRanger commented.

“Copying JayZ, shave man. Lol woke Sbu,” @iPhumlani said.

“That’s being comfortable with your natural self, and he didn’t have to explain himself. He’s not pleasing anyone but himself,” @RoxRonza shared.

5 important things happening in South Africa today

SARB Takes Measures to Cool New Payment System Initiatives

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has recently taken steps to cool down efforts by India and Russia to establish an interlinking payment infrastructure for settlement in their respective currencies.

The aim of this initiative is to reduce the reliance on third currencies, particularly the dominant US dollar, aligning with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) initiative.

However, the SARB has expressed its opinion that the BRICS nations should prioritize the establishment of a common vision and agreement on data-exchange standards, which would serve as the foundation for the interlinking system. Meanwhile, South Africa intends to focus on its own interlinking initiatives within the African continent.

Gas Relief for Western Cape as Trafigura Steps In

The Western Cape in South Africa is set to receive a much-needed supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for the next three months, thanks to commodities company Trafigura.

This comes as a relief after Vita Gas abruptly pulled out of a deal to provide gas to the province, resulting in gas constraints. In response to the situation, Sunrise Energy, the import terminal operator, has stated that it will consider new proposals for utilizing its facility beyond September, ensuring a continued gas supply for the region.

Decrease in Pothole-Related Claims in Johannesburg

While the number of pothole-related incidents per 100 kilometers increased by 29% across South Africa in 2022, the City of Johannesburg stands out with a significant decrease in such claims.

Discovery Insure, an insurance company, reported that the decline can be attributed to its Pothole Patrol initiative launched in 2021. In its first year, the initiative led to a 26% decrease in pothole-related accidents in Johannesburg. However, the rest of Gauteng, the province where Johannesburg is located, has not fared as well, experiencing a 45% increase in pothole-related claims.

State Capture Allegations Plague Deputy President and ANC Secretary-General

The Democratic Alliance, a political party in South Africa, has officially lodged complaints against Deputy President Paul Mashatile and African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula with the Public Protector.

The complaint against Mashatile pertains to allegations that he received favors from individuals linked to state capture, a term used to describe the manipulation of government institutions for personal gain. In the case of Mbalula, the DA seeks clarity on whether a loan he received from a board member of the National Lotteries Commission was connected to the misappropriation of funds within the organization.

Market Updates: Rand Weakened Against Stronger Dollar

South Africa’s currency, the rand, experienced a 1% depreciation against a stronger US dollar following the release of the central bank’s quarterly bulletin and producer price index data. The country’s producer inflation showed a slowdown, dropping to 7.3% year-on-year in May from 8.6% in April. As of Friday, June 30th, the rand was trading at R18.74/$, R20.37/€, and R23.67/£. Furthermore, the price of Brent crude oil stood at $74.49 per barrel.

In conclusion, the South African Reserve Bank’s efforts to cool down the new payment system initiatives by India and Russia reflect the country’s commitment to align with the BRICS initiative.

The provision of liquefied petroleum gas to the Western Cape by Trafigura helps address the recent gas constraints caused by Vita Gas’ withdrawal. Johannesburg’s success in reducing pothole-related claims through the Pothole Patrol initiative showcases the positive impact of targeted interventions. Meanwhile, the state capture allegations against Deputy President Mashatile and ANC Secretary-General

Mbalula highlight the ongoing concerns regarding corruption and misappropriation of funds. Lastly, the market updates indicate the rand’s depreciation against the dollar and the slowdown in producer inflation in South Africa.

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