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DJ Sbu defends MacG

DJ Sbu has stepped up to defend MacG and Sol Phenduka from Podcast and Chill for the explicit content featured in their recent episode. In a video, Sbu passionately stated, “Hands Off MacG!” and argued that those who are offended willingly consume sexual content in other productions.

The controversial episode in question featured Wandile “Wandi” Ndlovu, a sx worker, who agreed to perform oral sx on a member of the technical team for a fee of R1,500. The audio was streamed live and published on the podcast’s YouTube channel, leading to complaints from many Twitter users who felt that MacG had crossed a line.

DJ Sbu came to MacG’s defense by pointing out that people should not complain because they willingly watch pon and other R-rated TV content. He emphasized that the podcast is rated 18 and above, and if parents are aware that their children might access the podcast, they should be mindful of the age restrictions.

Sbu further highlighted that people do not complain when watching shows like “Bridgerton” or witnessing explicit scenes in movies such as “The Wife” and “Adulting.” He even mentioned Khanyi Mbau’s R-rated scene in “The Wife” as an example. Sbu argued that these shows contain nudity and explicit content but come with warnings, similar to MacG’s podcast.

While acknowledging the concerns of parents, Sbu cautioned against allowing children to watch the podcast due to its explicit nature and clear age restrictions. He reiterated his support for MacG and emphasized that he is a fan of the show.

This is not the first time MacG has featured a sx worker on his podcast. He previously had an OnlyFans content creator, Xoli Mfeka, as a guest.

DJ Sbu’s defense of MacG is consistent with his previous support for him against critics on Twitter. Penuel The Black Pen had accused MacG of gatekeeping and wanting other podcasts to fail so that people would only watch his. DJ Sbu disagreed with this viewpoint, stating that he loves both Penuel and MacG and does not believe MacG is trying to hinder the success of other podcasts. He drew a parallel with DJ Maphorisa and Amapiano, disagreeing with the notion that MacG is gatekeeping South African podcasts.

In conclusion, DJ Sbu has come forward to defend MacG and Sol Phenduka from Podcast and Chill against criticism for their explicit content. Sbu argued that viewers willingly consume sxual content in other productions and should not complain about MacG’s podcast, which is clearly rated for adults. He cautioned parents about allowing their children to watch the podcast and emphasized his support for MacG. Additionally, he disagreed with accusations of gatekeeping and expressed love for both MacG and Penuel The Black Pen.

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