DJ Sbu Robbed of on Camera

DJ Sbu, the founder of MoFaya energy drink, found himself in a rather unexpected situation when he was allegedly robbed on camera while trying to sell his product to a motorist. The incident, captured in a video posted by Twitter user ThisIsColbert, shows Sbu handing over the drink to a potential customer who then speeds off without paying.

Despite the apparent authenticity of the video, netizens are skeptical, with many suggesting that the entire scenario was staged for a specific purpose. KingOfAzeroth commented, “He must go hug a tree, he’ll be alright,” implying that the incident was orchestrated for a lesson. Lales_Mas expressed annoyance, stating, “Aaaghh!!! This was staged!” Others pointed out the quick transition from the robbery to Sbu dropping knowledge, labeling it as clear evidence of staging.

In response to the skepticism, DJ Sbu defended his actions, emphasizing that selling MoFaya in the streets is about fun and creating excitement. He sees it as a way to inspire young people and encourages them to take initiative for themselves. Despite the backlash, Sbu remains committed to his unconventional approach to promoting his energy drink.

Netizens, however, continue to question the legitimacy of the incident. Nkuli_McG highlighted the quick delivery of knowledge immediately after the robbery, suggesting it was scripted, while okay_phela_cry commented, “Sbu acts like a homeless person sometimes.” The_Afrikan_ bluntly stated, “Staged!!”

This incident comes amidst previous reports praising DJ Sbu for his kindness towards fans. Some have shared stories of positive encounters with the MoFaya founder, emphasizing his generosity and warm demeanor.

As the debate over the authenticity of the video continues, DJ Sbu’s unique marketing tactics and the blurred line between reality and staged content leave netizens divided on whether this was a genuine incident or a carefully orchestrated stunt.

Watch video HERE

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