Tk Dlamini death

Many rumors are circulating about the cause of death of South African actor Tk Dlamini, known for his role in the popular TV series Uzalo.

Ntokozo Dlamini, born on January 8, 1991, gained fame for his role as Mastermind Maphumulo on the TV show Uzalo. His talent and attractive appearance contributed to his success in the industry. Despite the show featuring numerous celebrities, his acting skills and good looks made him stand out. He played the role of Mastermind, a notorious criminal.

While rumors claim that Tk Dlamini died in a severe car accident on Saturday, there is no official confirmation about the cause of his death. Our team is working to gather more information, but it’s important to respect the privacy of his family during this time.

It’s worth mentioning that the news article claiming Tk Dlamini’s death is unverified. The information spread through social media, but no reliable sources have confirmed his passing.

New Apple Leak Confirms iPhone 15 Price Shock. Check Below:

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max to be the Most Expensive iPhone Ever

Pricing Concerns for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Consensus is growing regarding Apple’s biggest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro upgrades, but one area of contention continues: pricing. While fears remain that Apple will increase prices for all iPhone 15 models, the latest leak is bad news for anyone interested in Apple’s flagship model.

Leaked Report Reveals High Price Tag for iPhone 15 Pro Max

According to a leaked report seen by AppleInsider, influential Haitong International Securities tech analyst Jeff Pu reveals that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever released. Pu doesn’t name a price, but rises of up to $200 have been rumored for iPhone 15 Pro models for some time. For the iPhone 15 Pro Max, this would mean a price breakdown as follows:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max, 128GB — $1,299
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max, 256GB — $1,399
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max, 512GB — $1,599
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max, 1TB — $1,799

While these prices may shock, US buyers have gotten off lightly in recent years thanks to the strength of the dollar, but worldwide inflation has resulted in multiple price hikes for international buyers in recent years, and increases domestically were inevitable sooner rather than later. International buyers may also be hit again.

Alignment with Similar Reports

Pu’s report aligns with similar information from Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, who told CNBC last month that the average selling price for next-gen iPhones will increase. Like Pu, Ives didn’t provide specific pricing, so it is unclear whether prices will increase across the range or be limited to Pro models.

Expectations for iPhone 15 Pro Models

According to my sources, both iPhone 15 Pro models are likely to see increases as Apple continues its broader product strategy of widening the gap between its Pro and non-Pro devices. Their move to a leaked titanium chassis will be a factor, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max will exclusively feature a new periscopic optical zoom lens, a long-awaited feature too thick to fit inside the smaller Pro.

Battery Life Improvements

07/09 Update: Apple’s expected price hikes are unlikely to leave iPhone 15 Pro buyers feeling good, but they may be due an unexpected upgrade. While my sources shot down reports of a major increase in iPhone 15 battery capacities last week, reliable insider Unknownz21 has told me that buyers may see battery life increases of up to 10% via software and hardware efficiencies.


Will the combination of modest upgrades and higher prices be enough to put off potential upgraders? Given that similar accusations were made of the iPhone 14 range last year and phones still flew off shop shelves, I suspect not. That said, Apple may be a little more ambitious in 2024…

07/10 Update: Hero Color and Decoy Leaks

Further iPhone 14 Pro details have leaked by prolific industry insider Unknownz21. On Friday, the leaker collaborated with MacRumors to reveal that Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro hero color will be dark blue with a gray tone, rather than the widely expected deep red that leaked months earlier.

Unknownz21 has teased this surprise color switch for some time, but the article was not the end, with the leaker taking to Twitter to add further information yesterday.

Unknownz21 revealed that they believe the widely leaked red finish to be a “decoy” — something Apple has employed over the last year to root out leaks within the company. This makes a lot of sense, given that several prominent Apple leakers have gone quiet this year after revealing information that exposed their sources.

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