Babes Wodumo died news

Babes Wodumo and her sister-manager, Nondumiso Simelane, assured fans on Facebook that she is fine and alive

This clarification came after a fake social media account spreading the false news of her death. The misleading post caused concern among her supporters, who expressed their love and encouragement for her, emphasizing that she still has much to achieve and live for.

Earlier, in June, reports of Babes being unwell surfaced, with her sister confirming that she was struggling to breathe due to asthma and had been hospitalized. Despite the challenges, Babes continues to be resilient, and her fans show unwavering support for her and her music career. Messages of love and strength pour in from her well-wishers, reminding her that she has her son to live for and urging her not to lose faith.

Mercedes-Benz Learning Academy (MBLA): Celebrating 41 Years of Excellence

Training Skilled Artisans in the Eastern Cape

Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) is commemorating the 41st anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Learning Academy (MBLA), which was founded in 1981. Throughout the last four decades, MBSA, through the MBLA, has been dedicated to providing top-notch training, producing thousands of skilled artisans in the Eastern Cape. Serving as a crucial service provider in MBSA’s comprehensive approach to high-quality education and technical skills training, the MBLA has successfully met its strategic objective of nurturing the best talent for building excellence.

Supporting the East London Plant and Combating Youth Unemployment

The MBLA continues to play a vital role as the leading provider of technical workforce for the Mercedes-Benz East London plant. Additionally, it contributes to the fight against persistently high youth unemployment in the Eastern Cape. The academy also extends its support to local businesses, government, and private students by offering high-quality training in artisan, shop floor, and advanced technology skills.

Transforming Through Partnerships and Technological Advancements

Originally known as the MBSA Technical Training Centre, the MBLA was among the first integrated multi-racial institutions in South Africa’s automotive industry. After a R130 million Public Private Partnership with the National Treasury’s Jobs Fund in 2016, the MBLA underwent a remarkable transformation into a state-of-the-art facility. This joint investment allowed for expansion, the inclusion of additional trades, and the adoption of newer technologies for learners and automotive suppliers.

The MBLA’s commitment to staying ahead in the automotive industry led to the establishment of a new Reference Cell, featuring advanced technical training through a practical real-life testing environment. This includes Robotics, Metal joining technologies automation, and Advanced Vehicle Technologies, preparing learners and specialists for the new generation C-Class.

Leading Through Learning: A Multifaceted Approach

The MBLA has forged partnerships with global technology giants in factory and industrial automation, providing certified training to employees and external clients. Engineering students from the Eastern Cape also benefit from the academy’s training and trade tests. Collaboration with Government bodies ensures the development and implementation of new occupational qualifications and various trade tests.

Success and Sustainability

With industry-leading absorption rates, close to 100% of MBLA trainees find meaningful employment in the automotive sector, including direct integration into the MBSA manufacturing plant’s talent pipeline. The academy also supports learners in joining the automotive value chain, including suppliers in the East London Industrial Development Zone.

Embracing Future Technologies

In line with the shift towards electric vehicles, the MBLA has expanded its training to include high-voltage vehicles and advanced product technologies. Focused on sustainability, the plant has been manufacturing hybrid electric vehicles since 2016, and upskilling the workforce remains a key priority at the MBLA. The academy has embraced digital transformation, offering digitalized and blended e-learning options, including virtual platforms, for apprentices, plant employees, and industry partners.

As the automotive industry evolves, Mercedes-Benz South Africa remains committed to advancing its workforce through the MBLA, producing premium luxury vehicles with the best talent from Africa for the world.

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