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The relationship between SETH Molapo and songstress Makhadzi is strained. 

The relationship between SETH Molapo and Makhadzi is strained.

According to the businessman from Steelpoort, Limpopo, who said he scheduled Makhadzi to perform earlier this month for workers, she did not show up.

He said that he paid over R95,000 to Makhadzi’s management in order for her to participate at the Employees On Safety event; however, he was only refunded R40,000 for his payment.

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I paid for her services on September 28 and scheduled her for the event that was to take place on October 4. He stated that she did not come up and gave the excuse that she was sick after her one-woman show on October 1.

According to Seth, he asked for a refund by calling her supervisor at Open Mic Productions, Molau Rammala.

The relationship between SETH Molapo and Makhadzi is strained.

“He simply returned me R40,000 and promised to give back the balance on Friday, October 7,” the woman said.

After that, he sent me a text message telling me that they would make the money on Monday, October 10th.

After several weeks, Seth reported that he was still awaiting the delivery of his money. “He was always forthcoming with stories, but as of late, he has begun to ignore my calls.”

According to Seth, he was successful in contacting Rammala on the 18th of October, and Rammala promised to provide the money by 8 o’clock that same day; however, this did not occur. He said that his reputation had suffered as a result of his absence.

The managing director of Open Mic, Nkateko Maluleke, stated that Calvin Ramotsebedi, an agent and promoter who collaborated with Seth on the event, instructed them to refund only half of the money. Because the event was such a disaster, according to Calvin, Seth ought to compensate the customers for whom he organized it. He said, “He didn’t warn his clients that the singer wouldn’t be able to make it a day before the event.” This was what he said.

Calvin claimed that he had known Seth for some time and had worked with him on a number of occasions in the past. Because Makhadzi wasn’t feeling well, Open Mic wanted to bring on another performer. “Seth owed it to his customers to be completely transparent,” the man claimed.

Makhadzi provides a response to the case filed by Kicks Kokovha CEO Sammy Mhaule, which is valued at R8.2 million.

Makhadzi has decided to speak out for the first time in light of the R8.2 million lawsuit filed against her by Sammy Mhaule, the CEO of the sneaker firm Kicks Kokovha.

Mhaule is suing Makhadzi, whose real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, and her production company Open Mic for breaching partnership agreements. These agreements require Makhadzi to wear the brand’s sneakers during performances and promote the brand on her social media platforms. Mhaule is seeking damages for these alleged violations.

Reports from Sunday World state that Makhadzi did not honor the deal, which led to Mhaule demanding damages of more than R8.2 million for the breach of contract.

“The partner has given their consent for the brand to take part in a variety of activities that have been organized by Kicks Sportswear.

“This includes participation through a series of social media posts both on Kicks Sportswear’s social media account and also on Makhadzi social media account, event appearances, speaking engagements, and media interviews, following guidelines as set out by the corporation and its agencies,” reads the agreement. “This also includes Makhadzi’s social media account.”

According to the legal documents that were reported by the publication, Mhaule is claiming damages for “the units of shoes in the warehouse being 6 900 pairs, less 20 pairs, sold in Limpopo, thus being 6 880 shoes at the retail price they would have sold for if first and second defendants did not breach the partnership agreement, thus amounting to R8 249 120.” Mhaule is suing the first and second defendants because they breached the partnership agreement.

“But once again as a result of the breach caused by the first and second defendants, the plaintiff incurred a great financial loss of R379 921, which invoices were attached to the letter of demand that was sent on the 6th of May 2022,”

In the press statement that was released by her legal representative, advocate Nkateko Maluleke, Makhadzi categorically denies each and every accusation that has been leveled against her and Open Mic Productions.

“Following media reports in a Sunday newspaper this week, Open Mic Productions wishes to place on record that the complainant failed to keep his end of the bargain and was actually in breach of his contractual obligations from day one,” read the statement. “Open Mic Productions wishes to place on record that the complainant failed to keep his end of the bargain and was actually in violation of his contractual obligations from day one.”

“The complainant makes some egregious and unsubstantiated claims in his summons, which we would like to dismiss as falsehoods, fabrications, and misrepresentation of how the events unfolded,” the lawyer said. “We would like to dismiss these as falsehoods, fabrications, and misrepresentation of how the events unfolde

Maluleke revealed in the announcement that Makhadzi inked an agreement for R120 million with the athletic apparel firm Kicks Sports Agreement in October of 2021.

“The distributor urged that we launch the Kokhovha Kicks footwear despite our fears that the busiest shopping season of the year was rapidly approaching and that we did not have any inventory on hand.”

“Stock did not come within the 90 days as agreed upon. The delivery of 6900 pairs of shoes did not take place until February of 2022. Open Mic Productions made a number of attempts to provide assistance to the supplier so that they could fulfill their commitment of delivering the goods. According to the terms of the contract, the complaint was supposed to furnish 8000 pairs of shoes on a monthly basis; however, this has not occurred to this day.

Makhadzi and her team explained in their statement that they held an event in Makhado to promote the brand. They added that they were successful in selling several pairs of the sneaker brand.

“Immmediately after the Makhado activation, the complainant stopped taking our calls and refused to participate in planning meetings or any engagements related to the project,” the author writes. “[T]he complainant also stopped taking our calls immediately after the Makhado activation.”

“A few weeks later, in the month of April, we received a letter from solicitors. In an effort to save the project, we requested a meeting with the complainant in their presence but without their attorneys present.

“At this meeting, we came to the conclusion that we will work together to make an effort to rescue the situation. We were sent a summons along with the particulars of the allegation rather than having a genuine dialogue with the complainant.

Even though the agreement was set to expire in a few months, we tried to contact the complainant and his lawyers to see if there was any way we could save the project. However, the discussions did not result in any significant outcomes.

“We are perplexed by his claim of R8 million considering that Makhadzi has suffered a loss of profits as a result of the fact that she had exclusivity attached to the agreement and as a result missed other chances.

“We made all effort within our means to alleviate the issue. Regarding this matter, the rights of Open Mic Productions will continue to be reserved, and the statement also mentioned that the company is prepared to pursue legal action.

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