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Senzo Meyiwa was cautioned about the dangers of dating Kelly 

The rumors that have been made against Senzo Meyiwa, a former goalkeeper for Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates and the captain of both teams, have not astonished or surprised the goalie’s family.

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The family’s spokesperson, Sifiso Meyiwa, stated that the family was not startled by Tumelo Madlala’s revelation because it is the truth, and that Senzo loved women.

“The claim that Senzo had a sxual relationship with both Zandi [Khumalo-Gumede] and Kelly [Khumalo] is very much probable, as stated by [defence lawyer Tshepo] Thobane.

Unfortunately, he met his end as a result of his engagement with the Khumalo sisters.

Senzo Meyiwa was cautioned about the dangers of dating Kelly 

Sifiso went on to clarify the situation, saying, “Tumelo’s evidence is completely contradictory to what he told us as a family.” We are aware that he lied and presented a different version of the story in court since, in contrast to the first version, the second version contains an excessive number of inconsistencies.

Someone who supposedly had Senzo’s best interests at heart has betrayed him in the worst possible way. However, we are not shocked because he has established a greater distance between himself and us.

“Despite everything that has happened, we will not give up hope. The people who were outside the house are the ones we are looking to for information, as we do not expect those who were inside the house to speak the truth. I want to reiterate that the five men who are currently being held in custody are not the perpetrators.

During Thobane’s cross-examination of Madlala in the high court in Pretoria on the Wednesday before the previous week, allegations of sxual misconduct were made. The public was taken aback when Thobane made the shocking allegations that Senzo had a sxual relationship with Zandi.

“That witness will come and tell the court that Kelly instructed Zandi to guard Senzo while she was busy with her music career,” Thobani said to Madlalaa. “That witness will come and tell the court that Kelly instructed Zandi to guard Senzo.”

“The same witness will come in and testify that Senzo was complaining about the way Kelly was doing things,” the attorney said. “The court will hear this testimony.” The witness is going to testify that Zandi and Senzo ended up having a romantic relationship. Because Kelly was gone for such long stretches of time, he had a sxual relationship with Zandi.

In response, Madlala stated, “I would never deny or confess that since Senzo liked ladies.”

Sifiso also offered some commentary on the matter of Malesela Teffo’s removal from the lawyers’ roster.

“Malesela Teffo is the reason that this lawsuit has reached this level. He discussed the second docket in detail and brought up all of the pertinent issues. According to Sifiso, this caused the true perpetrators to feel uneasy, which resulted in his removal from the case.

Because of this, I believe that he is being punished for taking on the [murder] case of Senzo. It is a warning to other legal practitioners that they should steer clear of this [high-profile] case.

He claimed that after he was removed from the register, he had a conversation with Teffo.

“He was not completely fine; I could tell from the brokenness in his voice that he is in a lot of pain.” He informed me that he was getting ready for it. I am also not wholly shocked because there have been attempts to annoy and prevent him from working on this issue, and regrettably, they have been successful.

Also, according to the book, Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo was cautioned about the dangers of dating Kelly.

It appears that the spirit of Senzo Meyiwa has returned.

And owing to a book that Soweto Mandlakazi wrote not too long ago…


The biography, which bears the title 666_9, examines a variety of issues, including dishonesty, black magic, the dead ants that were found in Senzo’s cup, demonic powers, failed attempts at suicide, love potions, fighting, and betrayal.

In the book that was published by IStru Publishers, Mandisa Meyiwa reveals some juicy details about her marriage to the goalie who plays for both Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana.

And in one of the chapters of the book, Mandisa admits that she was aware of how much singer Kelly Khumalo adored her husband. This information is included in one of the chapters.

One of the excerpts states, “I know that both of us have recently lost someone who was extremely dear to our hearts, but I really believe that everything occurs for a purpose.” Kelly, don’t worry; everything is going to turn out all right in the end.

Despite the fact that he had very little, he prioritized me, made me his first priority, and did everything in his power to ensure that I was content.

As a woman, I have realized that I am capable of doing anything and anything for a man. You can change the seasons and make it winter in the summer, but if he wants to leave you, even if you buy him something more expensive than the Hummer Kelly drove, he will find a reason to leave… You can change the seasons and make it winter in the summer.

Mandisa acknowledges that she was partially responsible for the dissolution of her marriage.

“. . . I do not blame her. I am by no means an example of perfection. I would freely admit that it was my own shortcomings that contributed to the deterioration of my relationship with Senzo. Although I recognize that everyone is angry, I believe that we could have handled the situation more effectively. When we first started with Senzo, we had nothing, and yet when he had all he wanted, Kelly said, “After everything I’ve gone through, where I am right now I am happy, tranquil, and content.”

In the book, the late Senzo is portrayed as one of the most humble persons, as well as a family man who loved ladies. According to the bio, Senzo had a habit of stepping out with a side woman every so often.

According to the book, this, combined with some of his “bad associates,” caused strain to be placed on his marriage.

Before moving on with Kelly, Mandisa claims that Senzo had sxual relations with one of her friends. And when Mandisa found out about it, she made an attempt on her own life. Mthoko Twala, a close friend of Senzo’s, is quoted in the book as saying that he cautioned the goalkeeper against getting involved with Kelly.

Here is a snippet of what Mthoko had to say about it, in part: “I tried to warn him, but Senzo, you’re getting yourself into some serious trouble. You are going to get burned… I’m imploring you . . . She carries a great deal of emotional and mental weight with her, and a shadowy spiritual gloom hangs over her… You are going to offer yourself up as a victim…”

Around the same time in 2013, he had a chance encounter with the artist when attending the Feather Awards. Kelly had just finished performing at the event, and rumors had it that Senzo couldn’t take his eyes off of her the whole time.

Lucia Mthiyane, a socialite and TV cook, is said to have played a significant part in the courtship of Kelly by Senzo, according to the book. It is said that she provided the footie with the singer’s contact information.

Meyiwa met Mandisa at Park Station in Johannesburg. The two of them were set up by mutual friends. During that period, Mandisa was working as a dancer for a number of well-known kwaito artists, while Senzo was enrolled in the 12th grade at Bophelo High School. At the Feathers Awards, which took place between 2013 and 2014, Kelly first became acquainted with Senzo. Kelly gave a performance at this event, and ever since then, Senzo has been unable to take his eyes off of her.

The book states that Senzo’s parents made several attempts to intervene in his connection with Kelly but were ultimately unsuccessful. In one of the chapters of the novel, Senzo’s parents brought him to a traditional healer, who gave him a warning that someone would soon pass away.

According to one of the chapters in the book, the traditional healer issued a stern warning, stating that “the ancestors are completely not happy about this… if you do not stop this, it will end with a gun.” Someone is going to die.”

On the other hand, it is stated that Senzo told Sfiso, his brother, “… I’ll hit the cake once or twice and vanish…”

Mthoko, Senzo, and Kelly had been at the singer’s house when the tragic day occurred when the footie was shot to death. Mthoko had been there with Senzo and Kelly. As soon as Mandisa found out what had occurred, she made a beeline for the hospital. The tiredness was beginning to show in Senzo’s eyes when he finally pleaded with them, “Please do not tell my family what actually took place.”

This occurred right up until the moment he passed away.

Soweto stated that when the opportunity arrived for him to write Senzo’s book, he sought the permission, authorization, and blessings of the late star’s parents.

He remarked that “probably, the hardest journey of all the five novels I’ve written” was in the process of writing “the case,” “probably,” and “probably.” Maybe Kelly assumed that it was just one of the many attacks that she has received over social media. People were scared because they believed that I was going to reveal the murderers, when in reality I was more concerned with Senzo’s life.

“As I was writing the book, I came to realize that the middle of his life was much more interesting than the conclusion.” there were dangers present. But we live and die. If I wanted to, I could go to sleep and not wake up. Therefore, there is no need for me to be terrified of death. If you give the book your whole attention, you’ll figure out why people were so terrified.

The debut of the book will take place in Durban.

Mandisa did not want to speak on the matter. Mandisa did not want to make any statements to the media, according to her personal assistant, who would not reveal her name when speaking to the SunTeam.

Kelly could not be reached for a comment at this time.

Sfiso stated, “I am aware of the facts, and I do not desire any further delays. Simply put, as a family, all we want is for justice to be served. Additionally, we believe that reading the book will be to our advantage.

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