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Senzo Meyiwa fought back before he met his maker, after gunshot in kitchen

According to the allegations, Senzo’s friend “talks to himself when drunk and tells friends who killed him.” Check out the person he said killed Senzo.

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The investigation into Senzo Meyiwa has already gone on for far too long. Even after all these years, the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise are still a mystery. The case has caused a significant amount of people to express their opinions. People have put forward the hypothesis that Kelly was the one who was responsible for Senzo’s death. People are searching for the truth, but even though it appears that the truth is already available, nobody wants to believe it.

Tumelo Madlala made an appearance in court to provide an explanation for why he skipped Meyiwa’s funeral service. After all, they had been close friends for years, and he was present when Meyiwa was killed by a gunshot. People who were in that house at the time are thought to have knowledge of what really happened. It has also come to light that Madlala has been making her voice heard.

Rumor has it that an inebriated Madlala divulged the identity of the person who murdered Senzo. It turns out that when he is drunk, he has a conversation with himself in which he tells his friends that Meyiwa was murdered by the “nyaope addict.” After the fight, the “nyaope addict” pulled out a gun and shot Senzo. After finishing his sentence, he becomes overcome with emotion and begins to cry. ” When Thiwa is drunk, he talks to himself and tells friends that it was the nyaope addict who shot Senzo when they were fighting, right before he starts crying. ” Although it is unknown who the “nyaope addict” is, it is common knowledge that Kelly Khumalo has a history of struggling with substance abuse.

The fact that this individual has never addressed the issue head-on in public is one of the most perplexing aspects of the situation; had he done so, the situation might have been resolved a long time ago. As a result, this is just a rumor, which also has a chance of being completely false. Nevertheless, the judge ought to think about giving him a few alcoholic beverages so that he will spill the beans.

Find out why the woman was killed by her own husband in this murder mystery.

It seems to have become the norm to first thing in the morning to read the phrase “Rest in Peace” after getting out of bed. When we first open our eyes in the morning, we always pause to show our sisters and children one last moment of respect. There is a threat to the life of a female individual, and what makes this predicament even more distressing is the fact that the people who are responsible for taking their lives are the same people who are tasked with protecting them.

In spite of the fact that it is our duty as husbands and brothers to look out for the health and safety of our wives and children, the vast majority of the time we are the ones who are to blame for their passing. Is it possible that men from southern Africa are the focus of an evil spirit’s attention?

Nomkhosi Zungu, who formerly held the position of nurse at The Bay Hospital, can be seen in this photograph. On September 7, after she had been on the job for a full day, her partner brutally ended her life by stabbing her multiple times. She had just finished working a shift that lasted 12 hours. Her passing occurred on September 7th, the 7th day of September.

According to the reports, Nomkhosi and her spouse shared a home for a considerable amount of time prior to the time that they divorced each other. Her family was familiar with the guy, but because he had a history of abusing her, they disapproved of how he handled her because of his history. She had a history of being abused by him.

Because on the day that he killed her, he first called her cousin and told her that he was going to kill Nomkhosi and then kill himself as well, it appears as though he had been planning to kill her for a considerable amount of time before he actually carried out his plan to do so.

It was unfortunate that the cousin was unable to stop him because they lived too far apart from each other to effectively communicate with each other. In point of fact, he wound up being the one to execute her. It was at this location that he ended her life in a gruesome manner. She was found with the entirety of her throat uncovered. Because he poses a risk to those around him, people are being warned to be extremely cautious whenever they are in his presence.

Listen up, every single woman who considers herself to be my sister! You have proven that you are deserving of the most extraordinary man that the universe has to offer. Before deciding whether or not to incorporate someone into your life, it is important to spend some time getting to know that person. Ask yourself if the person you are letting in is someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with if you were stuck with them forever. If the answer is yes, then you should feel comfortable letting them into your life. People who are already involved in abusive relationships can still choose to make a change; it is not too late. It is better to die trying to escape from an abusive beast than to submit to its treatment in any way. You have to have a sufficient amount of self-respect and value in order to set healthy boundaries with people who do not respect or value you.

The victim was an elderly woman who was cleaning a carpet when she was shot and killed.

The current population of South Africa consists almost entirely of vicious individuals. They casually shed blood and carry on as if nothing happened.

We here at are devastated by what happened in Khayelitsha today. On Friday morning, Mrwayi Wezekawoke, a 67-year-old woman, was shot and killed as she was cleaning a carpet. The incident’s vicious nature shocked the people of Khayelitsha.

Multiple witnesses claim four men rode up in a taxi and shot Mrs. Wezekawoke multiple times in the head and chest. Before Mrwayi’s death, she washed her carpet by laying it on the street pavement.

Mrwayi’s husband, Madala Baba Masimini, suffered greatly after her passing. He lost his rock and his best friend, and now he’s going to go it alone.

Why would anyone want to kill a 67-year-old woman? One of the witnesses added that everyone ran into a nearby yard out of fear of being shot by the barbarians. The people responsible for Mrwayi’s death didn’t seem shaken by the act. In fact, they still take it easy behind the wheel even after committing such a terrible offense.

Residents of Khayelitsha are now in constant danger. They have no idea if the men who murdered their neighbor will return to lay in wait for more victims. Their statement claims that a 27-year-old man from the same area recently attacked the victim and her neighbor with a gun. No one knows if the man who once assaulted the victim and her neighbor is the same man who killed her.

The crime rate in Khayelitsha is extremely high. The area is dangerous at any time of day or night and requires extra caution. Bheki Cele must delegate the task of a massive police raid on Khayelitsha. The locals must end their state of constant panic.

If police do not intervene to stop the violence in Khayelitsha, many more lives could be lost. Everyone needs to stop fighting and learn to get along. Community policing forums must also do everything in their power to uncover the truth about Mrwayi Wezekawoke’s murder.

I pray that God will give her eternal rest.

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