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Patrick Seleka confesses to abusing his wife

Patrick Seleka, who plays Katlego Petersen on the South African Broadcasting Corporation 1 soap opera Skeem Saam, has revealed that he has been emotionally and mentally abusive toward his wife, Mmabaneng Seleka, and has opened up about the difficulties he has experienced in his marriage.

Patrick Seleka confesses to abusing his wife

The actor apologized to his wife in a video that was posted to Instagram but has since been deleted. In the video, which lasted for twelve minutes, he admitted that he had been abusive toward his wife and that he was responsible for her depression in part.

He added the caption “The reason for my wife’s depression is me”

Patrick Seleka confesses to abusing his wife
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“The primary factor contributing to my wife’s current state of depression is… I feel the need to point out that I am entirely responsible for everything. I am to blame for her prolonged state of depression, and the fact that I haven’t been there for her during this time is the single thing that has hurt her the most.

He claimed that he had been emotionally and mentally abusive to her throughout their relationship.

Patrick Seleka confesses to abusing his wife

Patrick explained, in the context of his public confession and admission to being a “abuser,” that he had been inundated with people asking him if he was the cause of his wife’s depression after she posted about it on social media. This served as the impetus for his public confession and admission to being a “abuser.”

The famous actor freely admitted that he had been a “bad” husband right from the start of his and his wife’s marriage. In addition to a great number of other things, he implied that he was the one responsible for his wife’s loss of her job and her friendships. Patrick went on to say that the reason his wife was subjected to online harassment was because of him, and he also admitted to cheating on her and communicating with his exes via social media.

“I have put my wife in a position where I wouldn’t want even my deadliest enemies to be in. And I am going out publicly to her – wherever she is right now – and her family and to everyone that I humbly apologise for all that I have done, and I will do my utmost best to make things right for her.”

Patrick stated that he uploaded the video with the intention of owning up to his actions and taking responsibility for the role he played in the dissolution of their marriage and his wife’s mental illness. He also said that he did this in order to be accountable for those actions. He shared with his congregation the following message: “I hope my wife will forgive me someday, and I am committed to making myself a better person:”

The family of the actor and his wife extended an invitation to the couple so that they could spend time with them. They were still having a good time despite the fact that his wife was subjected to verbal abuse, which was a shame (she was attacked by her in-law). Because Patrick was so enraged, he took him to his society to discuss how to deal with the issue of toxic offenses.

Anyone who was married or who wished for a future in the near future received one of two very lengthy messages from the star. Therefore, one of “my so-called cousins” on my father’s side extended an invitation to me to spend the night with them at a lodge located in Brooklyn. It would appear that “this so-called cousin” treats everyone around him as if they were his boss, and she believes she is a millionaire in the family simply because she inherited a few cents from her mother after she passed away. After she had consumed a number of cups”

“She started calling my wife and my cousin’s wife by all sorts of names, taking advantage of the fact that she could not hear or understand the language that they spoke, which was Kanti, which she understood. My cousin’s wife got up and went to the bedroom, at which point my wife asked, “What was wrong with them as the first Makotigoa to swear and call all sorts of names with my cousin’s wife, so that they can apologize?”

“But the so-called cousin started ranting at her, prodding her forehead, the number of orphans, Ena le Mosadi Wa cousin, how they eat and breathe her, she tells us I informed her Naco Eo Ora when I booked some I had baked beans and mayonnaise eaten with cold chicken at a cheap and nasty lodge in Brooklyn. I was treated in such a manner by her. It was explained to me that they weren’t the pioneers. My other cousin’s wife had already received it, as had many of the other wives, including two of the wives of my uncle.

“I don’t have a husband. MO, KE RED ROBOT!! (in Japanese) Tort has to go, even though I’m not much of a voice person. This is an excessive amount. I read some posts in which I saw women go through such ordeals as a result of their torts, keep them quiet, and then hear them pass away in silence. Let the gentleman defend our wife and ask him to stop abusing her in front of others. Because you married her for yourself and not for the benefit of your family, it is your responsibility to keep her safe.

“Stand up for men, boys, men, men, and brothers, as well as women, and protect and love women. The name of love causes the death of women in secret. Women are held responsible for everything, including death, infertility, financial difficulties, and everything else. Our family places the blame on women. Men are different, they love their wives, they stand up and protect them, and they do different things.

“Gentlemen marry girls in order to prevent them from being taken away from their families and to force them to become victims of our family.” Let’s put an end to the fact that our marriage is constantly being overshadowed by our families. Let’s stop being guided. We did not marry them for the benefit of our children or other relatives. Be a man, defend your wife, fight for her, and protect her. Guide her to a place where there is love and peace. The abuse that your #INLAW is perpetrating must end.

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