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Musa Kwawula Twitter account suspended

The famed celebrity gossiper Musa Khawula’s Twitter account has been suspended, proving the old adage that it never rains but it pours.

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A lot of Twitterzens are celebrating the seemingly downfall of celebrity basher, Musa Kwawula. Below are some of the reactions to the situation:

In connection with the ongoing investigation into the murder charge against him, Musawenkosi Khawula made an appearance in court yesterday.

Legal Aid is defending Khawula, who is well-known for making negative comments about famous people. The previous month’s altercation with actor and presenter Moshe Ndiki resulted in the loss of his dreadlocks, thus he appeared in public without them.

Wandile Khambule

After getting into an argument in front of Wandile Khambule’s house in March of this year, the suspect is accused of stabbing him to death.

He has previously acknowledged to stabbing Khambule to death, but he claims that he was acting in self-defense at the time. When Khawula failed to appear in court at the scheduled time, the magistrate had already issued a warrant of arrest for him; however, the warrant was recalled after he arrived.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has reported that Khawula stated in a statement that he was in a relationship with Khambule at the time that the incident occurred.

In an interview earlier this week, Khambule’s girlfriend, Sweetness Jaftha, claimed that Khawula came to her home in Vredenburg at about 5 o’clock on March 4 and demanded to speak to the deceased. She said this occurred on March 4.

According to Jaftha, Khambule did not speak to him and told him that he was not interested in what he had to say because he was not romantically interested in him. Jaftha heard this from Khambule. After that, I requested that they take their conversation outside because there were other individuals present in the house.

Japhtha added that when she checked to see what was happening, she saw Khawula running after Khambule with a large knife and stabbing him. She saw this while she was looking into what was happening.

He suffered stab wounds to the chest as well as the back.

According to Jaftha, a friend of hers wrestled Khawula in order to take the knife away from him.

IOL Entertainment also reported that after Jaftha’s public statement, Khawula responded to the report by telling his side of the story in a Twitter space live audio stream titled “Izani Sizohleba” (come, let’s gossip). This stream was titled “Izani Sizohleba” (come, let’s gossip).

‘I recall following him, believing that we were walking to the car,’ he added. Despite this, we did not make it to the car. I turned around just as he was picking up a bottle and he hurled it at me, but I was able to avoid it.

He stated that the deceased person had attacked him with a beer bottle, and that Khuwula had retaliated by grabbing a nearby knife and stabbing the deceased person in the groin as a means of self-defense.

“We didn’t stop fighting, but eventually a third party intervened and broke it up.” I got out of there as fast as I could because I was afraid that if he showed up again, he would literally put an end to me.

It has been verified by the NPA that Khawula would continue to be free on bail until his subsequent court appearance. “His case will be heard again on October 19 for judicare,” the judge ruled.

Musa Khawula, the most renowned gossiper in Mzanzi, found himself without a drinking hole on the previous Saturday night after getting ejected from the popular celebrity night time hot spot Monarch, which is located in Sandton.

The Twitter gossip blogger took to social media in the early hours of Sunday morning, sharing a video of the entry to the club with his followers and informing them that he had been booted out of the club for ‘no reason.’

In a second tweet, Musa stated that he believes Monarch is operating a se.x house and that this may be one of the reasons why he was kicked out of the organization.

‘I think Monarch, Sandton is running an s.ex house otherwise why was I pulled out and told we know you, bathong!’ he wrote on Twitter. ‘Bathong’ is a Xhosa word meaning “we know you.”

The responses on his article, on the other hand, suggested that Musa is aware of the reasons why he was escorted out of the club and that the establishment was merely trying to safeguard the discretion of its clients.

Khawula is notorious for publishing intimate details about the personal lives of South African celebrities all over his many social media sites.

In August, the gossip blogger was reportedly assaulted by Moshe Ndiki, who is a well-known actor, TV presenter, and social media sensation.

After Musa disparaged Moshe in one of his often gossip-filled Tweets, the two individuals got into a physical brawl with one another.

“Moshe Ndiki welcomes his new puppy Sulizinyembezi Ndiki. This comes after his husband, Phelo Bala, moved out of the rental residence they shared as a married couple. Since then, Moshe Ndiki has settled on becoming a pet parent. He also isn’t very good at acting, is he? Musa sent out a tweet.

In response to Musa’s tweet, Moshe showed that he was not going to take the criticism lying down. “RENTAL? Do better angel!” Moshe Ndiki retorted, presenting the pictures of the title deed to his home along with his response.

A couple of hours after attacking Moshe in the streets of social media, Musa tweeted his whereabouts, letting his fans know that they can buy him drinks if they notice him and telling them know that they can buy him drinks if they spot him.

Moshe did not let this golden opportunity slip away and traveled to Musa’s location, where he allegedly got into a physical altercation with the blogger. He did not let this opportunity pass him by.

Naturally, famous people from the surrounding area took to social media to heap acclaim on Moshe for his impressive victory over Musa’s dreads.

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