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Latest News on Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial

As Advocate TT Thobane gave the most surprising news to date, the courtroom that was being used today at the Gauteng High Court was completely transformed into a new one. Mzansi has been sent into a frenzy as a result of the allegations made by Advocate Thobane during the murder trial of Senzo Meyiwa.

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Nothing in the world could have adequately prepared the courtroom, much alone Mzansi as a nation, for what the prosecution and defense presented in court today. During the course of today’s proceedings, Tumelo Madlala, a close friend of Senzo Meywa, was on the witness stand for the third time to provide testimony concerning the shooting of Meywa.

Latest News on Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial

Advocate TT Thobane has disclosed that his witness will describe how Senzo Meyiwa went on to have a relationship with Zandie Khumalo, who is Kelly Khumalo’s sister. Zandie Khumalo is the defendant in this case. Advocate Thobane described how the relationship began, explaining that, contrary to popular belief, Kelly Khumalo was the one who made the initial move to pursue a romantic involvement.

Tumelo Madlala did not confirm nor deny the allegations that were brought up by Advocate TT Thobane while he was testifying. He simply sidestepped the question. Instead of that, Tumelo Madlala went on to claim that the only thing he knew for sure about Senzo Meyiwa was that he loved women.

Tumelo Madlala has been quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t affirm nor deny that, all I know is that Senzo adored girls or women.”

Tweeps have since jumped on the bandwagon of a certain theory that revolves around the alleged sexual relations that Senzo Meyiwa had with Zandie Khumalo. Zandie Khumalo has been accused of having se.xual relations with Senzo Meyiwa. Tweeps went on to imply that the relationship that Senzo Meyiwa had with both Zandie and Kelly Khumalo is directly responsible for the breakup of Zandie and Kelly Khumalo’s romantic partnership.

Latest News on Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial

The murder trial of Senzo Meyiwa continues to be marred by a string of shocking revelations, which has left everyone in shock. It would appear that the people of Mzansi do not trust that Tumelo Madlala is telling the truth. In light of the fact that he is continuously accused of lying under oath due to the contradictions that can be found in his evidence, the Meyiwas do not believe his account either.

Latest News on Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial

In addition, the family has shared their thoughts on Madlala’s testimony, which has and will continue to provoke debate in the courtroom.

The day before, Madlala provided a description of how they attempted to pick up Senzo. He claimed that he was really heavy. We made an effort to pick him up, but he was too heavy for us. I was located in the far back, directly behind him. In the car, his head was resting on me, and Mthokozisi Twala, who was also a close friend of Meyiwa’s, was positioned in the center. In the background, it was Zandi,” Madlala stated in his testimony.

“She told me to lay it over the hole [gunshot wound] where the blood was gushing out,” he recalled her saying. When Kelly was behind the wheel, she kept going over the speed bumps. She was given a rebuke by Zandi. Because there were newspapers in the car, and those articles had blood on them, I believe that there was blood seeping [out] of the hole.

In an interview with the Daily Sun, Siyabonga Meyiwa, who is also Senzo Meyiwa’s brother, expressed the belief that Madlala’s evidence contains inaccuracies. “Senzo was much larger than Tumelo, and he also weighed more. How was it possible for him to carry him when he was using crutches? There is a discrepancy somewhere. He was Senzo’s closest companion and friend. We do not anticipate that he will lie to us. “We are quite disheartened by this,” he remarked.

Additionally, Tumelo asserted that he was able to identify one of the individuals on the pier as being one of the trespassers. Today, he identified accused number 2 as one of the individuals who broke into the building.

There have been responses from Tweeps on Madlala’s testimony.

Latest News on Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial

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