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King Monada’s wife to be fired

Cynthia Leon, who is married to the South African musician King Monada, is in jeopardy of losing her job as a result of the recent suspension that she received from the Greater Letaba Municipality.

As a result of allegations of inappropriate behavior, King Monada’s second wife, Cynthia Leon, was placed on administrative leave from her job.

King Monada’s wife to be fired

Cynthia was reportedly one of three workers who were suspended by the municipality two weeks ago, as reported by Sunday World.

The Greater Letaba Municipality did not provide any information regarding the reasons behind the suspension of the three employees.

After the investigations have been concluded in 2023, the three municipal employees, including King Monada’s wife, are scheduled to appear before a disciplinary hearing. The hearing will take place in 2023.

If the workers are found to be responsible for the misbehavior that was alleged to have occurred, there is a strong possibility that they will be terminated from their jobs. There is also the possibility that criminal charges will be brought against the three individuals.

According to information provided to the publication by a source that is familiar with the developments:

If they are found to be guilty of the alleged offense, the council will most likely proceed with the filing of criminal charges against them.

The source claims that the municipality was also conducting forensic investigations in order to find additional information that could support its prosecution of the three individuals.

A spokesperson for the Greater Letaba Municipality named Lovers Maenetja stated that it was confirmed that three employees had been removed from their positions due to allegations of misconduct.

Maenetja offered some commentary on the matter, saying

Our Human Resources department is currently conducting investigations. We are awaiting the conclusion of the legal process, so we cannot focus too much attention on the matter right now.

On the other hand, it has been reported that Queen Monada is contesting both her suspension from her job and the allegations that have been made against her.

Cynthia Leon has spent the better part of a decade working in the Modjadjiskloof offices of the Greater Letaba Municipality in the South African province of Limpopo.

Leon became involved with King Monada while she was working for the municipality, and he eventually married her to become his second wife.

Leon was expelled from King Monada’s castle in Ga-Mokgoloboto village in Limpopo in the year 2020 by the Malwedhe hitmaker. These events took place during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

King Monada at the time reportedly accused her of acting disrespectfully toward him. Eventually, though, the two reconciled their differences, which led to Leon going back to his old house.

The Wedding of King Monada: What You Didn’t Know About It?

Khutso Steven Kgatle, better known by his stage name “King Monada,” is a musician who is not afraid to discuss his personal life or his family in public. He often gives interviews about these topics.

The celebrity, who was born in Limpopo, had been legally married to Lerato Ramawela for some time, and she was his only wife at the time. This remained true until the year 2021, when he began a new relationship with Cynthia Ntebatse Leon, whom he had previously announced his intention to marry. In the latter part of the year 2021, King Monada announced that he was engaged to Cynthia Ntebatse Lion.

King Monada wife

Lerato Ramawela is well-known for being King Monada’s wife due to the fact that he frequently posts pictures of her on social media, particularly on important days and holidays. Lerato does, however, have one of those faces that are instantly recognizable.

This is due to the fact that you may be familiar with the South African singer from the well-known fainting dance (Idibala Malwedhe). She has been by his side for a considerable amount of time, even before the song became popular. Before the fame, by a long shot.

King Monada and Lerato Ramawela have been married for more than ten years at this point. Monada proposed to his high school sweetheart once more on the occasion of the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary, which took place in February 2022. The couple had been married for ten years at the time. In spite of the fact that Lerato is a hit maker, she does not engage in any form of social media activity and prefers to keep her personal and family life private.

King Monada weddings

King Monada is rumored to be involved with two different women at the moment in a polygamous relationship. It does not appear as though the first wife is the least bit bothered by the presence of the co-wife. Cynthia Nthebatse is now considered to be Lerato Ramawela’s co-wife.

It is quite unusual for famous people to make no secret of the fact that they are involved in more than one relationship. One of these unusual occurrences is the reign of King Monada. The celebrity has enjoyed a successful marriage to both of his wives.

There are times when the wives are observed socializing together with the rest of the family. Because they were both responsible for making him a parent, he built them a two-story home where they can reside while they bring up their offspring. Temoso and Kgothatso Junior are the names of King Monada’s two sons and daughters.

A couple of months ago, he wowed Mzansi by displaying his finished mansion that cost one million dollars as well as his happy family.

Fans were not surprised by him taking Winnie Mashaba as his third wife when rumors began to circulate about him doing so because of his stance on the practice of polygamy. After King Monada posted pictures of them together with the caption “I am in love,” the gospel singer made a public statement denying any romantic involvement with him and stating that the rumors were false. He says that he loves her just as he would a sister.

In his response to the situation, King Monada stated that he was taken aback by the rumors, and that he looks up to Winnie as both an older sister and an inspiration.

Since marrying them, King Monada has been successful in making both of his wives happy. They treat their children to a lavish lifestyle and each of them has a car of their own. The musician is known to engage in the form of polygamy that is sanctioned by his culture and actively promotes its acceptance.

It is said that once, when the second wife did not agree with the first and was becoming “unmanageable,” he sent her back home to learn some manners from her mother. This occurred at a time when they were living together.

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