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Kelly Khumalo r@ped, her son fired from school

Nota Baloyi, a controversial music executive with years of experience, has called the presenter of Uyajola 9/9, Jub Jub, and his baby mama, Kelly Khumalo, filthy.

Nota has built a name for himself as a result of his unfiltered criticism on the personal lives of celebrities, and he is not afraid to confront those celebrities either online or in person.

When the music mogul took a jab at Jub Jub for being on trend every Sunday for exposing unfaithful couples, he did not pull any punches in his criticism of the rapper. Because he exposes cheating on his reality show, Uyajola 9/9, hosted by Moja Love, Jub Jub consistently occupies the number one spot on Twitter’s list of trending topics every Sunday evening.

Nota mocked him for always being a trending topic on Twitter while allegedly neglecting to spend quality time with his son Christian. She said this to make a point about the hypocrisy of his behavior. He continued his tirade by criticizing Kelly Khumalo for the way she allegedly stood in the way of her kid establishing a relationship with his father.

“Jub Jub needs to spend time with his son… He’s trending every weekend for catch cheating couples and putting a spotlight on infidelity but that doesn’t mean his son doesn’t deserve to have his father in his life,” the man said in a tweet. “Kelly Khumalo must burn in hell for denying her son a relationship,” the man added.

Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub have been at odds with one another for a very long time regarding their relationship to their son Christian. Kelly has stated that singer Jub Jub does not want to have a relationship with his son Christian, despite the fact that Jub Jub has accused her of preventing him from seeing his kid.

It also seems as if Kelly Khumalo is struggling to present a fatherly figure to her son, the kind of image that encourages children to steer clear of misbehavior so that they can avoid their father’s full wrath. This would be a good thing for the child. Kelly Khumalo eventually came clean about her son’s involvement with marijuana at school two months ago.

After being caught with a bag of marijuana in his possession by school officials, Christian found himself on the wrong side of the school’s administration. Since then, Christian has been kicked out of the school, which shall remain nameless, where he was enrolled in the sixth grade. There is conflicting information as to whether or not the young man had been using pot on the school grounds when the incident occurred.

Nonetheless, this comes as a surprise; perhaps the pressures of puberty that are associated with teenagers. It would appear that Kelly Khumalo is not doing a very good job of parenting her children.

Kelly has since confirmed in her reality show that the rumors were true, that it was a mistake that any child would have made, and that the young boy should not be crucified for it. Kelly also stated that she believes the young boy should not be punished for it.

While Kelly was venting to her mother about the situation, she revealed that although it was true, it was also a deliberate attempt to portray her as a poor mother.

The question is, “Where did it come from. How did it make its way into the public eye? My guess is that he was only curious about the effects of marijuana when he tried it. He was curious to find out what it was. He was so proud to show it off to his pals, even though they were the ones who betrayed him.

After that, Kelly conveys to her mother that she does not desire for the young guy “to be touched by things that are not required.” The fact that Christian is still a child means that he will inevitably mess up, but how can you be patient with someone who has never even tried? Take that argument to court if you believe that the reason my son was suspended or expelled from school was because he was smoking pot, she said.

Kelly was once wished a Happy Mother’s Day by Jub Jub, who said something along the lines of, “Despite our differences, I would want to wish the woman who carried and brought my son into this world a Happy Mother’s Day.”

In response to fans who urged her to forgive Jub Jub, Kelly told them, “It took ME to raise him so take your comparison and shove it up your a**!” For the time being, he is nothing more than a sperm donor! Please show some respect towards my child! However, because the human body renews itself every seven years, there is no trace of that misfortune left in my system; instead, my body is filled with the blessing that is my son. This event occurred thirteen years ago. You are nothing but a worthless thing if you have no feeling of responsibility.

When asked about Jub Jub, Kelly responded by saying, “Christian’s father who has done me so nasty, God has blessed me to not even bump into him.” Kelly was referring to Jub Jub. Everyone is wishing all of the mothers in the world a happy mother’s day, and then bang! The father of Christian”

When I see a father who is interested in maintaining a relationship with his child, I am not surprised. That endeavor will never be hampered by my presence. Nevertheless, do not treat me with contempt,” she went on to say.

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