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Kabza de Small & DJ Maphorisa in hot soup as Zimbabwe court issues warrant of arrest

The High Court in Zimbabwe’s Bulawayo has issued an arrest warrant for Kabza de Small and DJ Maphorisa. The warrant was issued by the Bulawayo court.

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Kabza de Small & DJ Maphorisa in hot soup as Zimbabwe court issues warrant of arrest

A few months ago, Kabza and DJ Maphorisa were compensated in order to provide a performance at the Vic Falls Carnival. They did not honor this invitation and then refused to reimburse the organizers for any costs incurred as a result.

Kabza de Small & DJ Maphorisa in hot soup as Zimbabwe court issues warrant of arrest

Sasha finally issues apology

Over 4 months passed now since ShaSha, along with fellow Amapiano giants Kabza de Small and DJ Maphorisa, did not show up for this year’s Vic Falls Carnival on the 30th of April. ShaSha has finally issued an apology for their absence.

After the trio failed to appear for their scheduled performance, the organizers of the carnival sent out a furious letter of demand demanding that the musicians pay back a half a million rand in booking costs.

In addition to this, the event organizers requested that the performers “most significantly, apologize to the fans who traveled all over the world to see them play.”

The recipient of a BET award, ShaSha, finally made the decision to issue an apology on Monday morning.

“Hello to everyone of my friends and admirers who were able to make it out to the Victoria Falls Carnival this year. “Please accept my sincere apologies, not only to you but also to the festival, for my absence at this year’s iteration,” ShaSha wrote in her note.

“There have been a lot of adjustments made to my environment over the course of the previous few months. Many of you have probably also noticed my absence from social media in recent days.

It is essential that I discuss this with each and every one of you right now. I’ve reached a point in my life where certain things are coming to a close while others are just getting off to a fantastic start.

In the midst of everything that was going on, I was unable to live up to my vow to take part in the carnival.

“I am aware that this has created a great deal of frustration for you, but I am pleading with you to have faith in me so that I can set things right.

Together with my team, we are putting in a lot of effort to come up with a new plan, and the organizers of the event have been really kind and encouraging throughout this process.

“In the coming weeks, I really hope that we will be able to announce our plans, along with some other exciting news. I can’t wait to put on a show for each and every one of you,” Shasha continued.

“I didn’t always realize I could sing,” says Sha Sha, a singer, of her meteoric climb to popularity.

She had always intended to pursue a career in the medical field and had no intention of ever being successful in the music industry. However, fate had other plans for her.

Who is Sasha?

Charmaine Shamiso Mpambiro, better known by her stage name Sha Sha, is the singer behind a number of hit songs in the amapiano genre. All that was required was for her friends to have more faith in her singing than she did herself.


Sha Sha is now 25 years old and was born in Mutare, which is located in Zimbabwe. After her parents divorced, she moved around the country with her mother. Her grandmother would take her to church every Sunday, and it was there that her gift was recognized and encouraged after she started singing in the chorus. It took me a long time to realize that I could sing, which is something that surprises a lot of people.

Sha Sha’s friends were persistent in their encouragement that she pursue a career in music; nevertheless, she was not persuaded. As a result, they came to the conclusion that they needed to take matters into their own hands and in 2013 they distributed recordings of her performing cover songs to a radio station. After hearing my own voice on the radio for the first time, I started daydreaming about being a musician.


She began working with the well-known Zimbabwean artist Audius Mtawarira as a result of the radio broadcast, and he eventually became her mentor and assisted her in breaking into the South African music scene. I was able to meet my musical hero, Oliver Mtukudzi, when I was performing at the Harare International Festival of the Arts while I was working toward my goal of moving to South Africa.

This was a very exciting experience for me. The idea that she wanted to move to Johannesburg was met with skepticism from her family, and they encouraged her to look for gigs in the Harare and Bulawayo areas instead. “I spent the majority of my life moving all around Zimbabwe,” she says.

“But moving to South Africa seemed like a risk to my family; they thought it was something I would quickly regret.” “It was something I needed to do for myself – I’d spent my entire life trying to please people, and this was a way of prioritizing myself,” she said. “I’d spent my entire life trying to please people.” In 2014, she decided against pursuing a career as a nurse and instead moved to Johannesburg, where she worked as a singer in restaurants and sang love songs at weddings.


She made friends with Melusi Mhlanga, a cab driver who took her to her gigs, and Mhlanga became her designated driver. She remembers telling him that she was a singer, and he responded by saying that he used to drive DJ Maphorisa about and that he would introduce them to each other.

“He kept his word and invited us over to his studio, where I performed for him,” she said. Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, and Samthing Soweto collaborated with her on the EP after being impressed by her voice. Together, they produced what are now widely regarded as some of the best amapiano songs ever recorded.

Blossom, her brand new EP, which features eight tracks and took her eight years to develop, is what she describes as her “first love.” “I’ve been working on it ever since I made the decision that I wanted to pursue a career in music. She says, “I hope that people are able to sense all of the enthusiasm that I have for music.”

“All I ever wanted to do was make music, and producing amapiano sounds was a little bit outside of my comfort zone,” he said. Her appearance on Samthing Soweto’s Akulaleki undoubtedly contributed to the expansion of her fan following. “My enthusiasm for music just continues getting stronger, and I’m so happy that I made the decision to step outside of my comfort zone. It turned out that I was really fortunate to be at the right place at the right moment.

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