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Blackdoor actress Linda Sebezo arrested for R5million drugs

The seasoned actress Linda Sebezo has been in the spotlight ever since her appearance on the King David podcast, where she was interviewed. She revealed that she had been arrested for drug possession when it was discovered that she had drugs worth R5 million.

On the podcast hosted by King David, Linda revealed that she was completely taken aback when the cops showed up at her residence on New Year’s Day demanding drugs. The actress broke down in tears as she recounted her ordeal of being detained on New Year’s Day and serving a three-month sentence at Sun City Maximum Prison. She describes the ways in which the crime affected her life.

Blackdoor actress Linda Sebezo arrested for R5million drugs

They wouldn’t stop yelling that we need the pills, so I finally asked them where the drugs were. I had no idea what they were talking about, and I had no idea what narcotics they were looking for.

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Linda Sebezo claimed that she was taken into custody, and the officers who interrogated her never offered her the opportunity to provide her side of the story. She was, however, sent free after it was determined by the magistrate that she was not the owner of the illegal substances that were found on her premises.

Hey! It was a difficult period for me when I was arrested for something that I had not done, and I spent three months in the maximum security facility of Sun City.

The maximum security facility in Sun City held Linda Sebezo for a period of three months.

Blackdoor actress Linda Sebezo arrested for R5million drugs

Because the drugs were discovered to be approximately five years old, the award-winning actress revealed that they had been in the custody of the previous owner of her residence when they were discovered. It is beyond reasonable doubt that Linda was a victim and that she did not plant the narcotics in the garden tool shed on her own. Linda had only resided in the residence for a total of two years at the time of the discovery.

The actress also discussed the time she tried to post bond but was told she couldn’t since her passport showed that she had just recently returned from a trip abroad. They were concerned that she would break free and go to another nation to hide. But thankfully, justice was served for her; she is a free woman now, and the tale of how she was able to regain her freedom is inspiring.

After being arrested, Linda Sebezo made a strong comeback.

Linda Sebezo did not give up on her dream of acting when she was arrested in 2008; nevertheless, due to the fact that she had a criminal record, it was challenging for her to land acting roles. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “fortune smiles upon the brave,” and she was able to recover more fully and has developed into one of Mzansi’s finest actresses. She has recently been slaughtering her character on the Black Door, and many people are enjoying the opportunity to despise her.

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