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Andile Mpisane & his mom, Shauwn Mkhize in hot soup for abducting 3-year-old baby

Andile Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize, Andile Mpisane’s mother, are accused of kidnapping Sithelo Shozi’s daughter, who is three years old. Sithelo Shozi, a South African influencer and DJ who is also the mother of Mpisane’s two young daughters, served a summons this week to businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize and her son, Andile Mpisane, accusing them of not returning her daughter, who is three years old, to her after a “visit” that lasted for more than a year.

Andile Mpisane & his mom, Shauwn Mkhize in hot soup for abducting 3-year-old baby

Shozi is Mpisane’s ex-lover and the mother of Andile Mpisane and his mother, Shauwn Mkhize, are being accused of kidnapping Sithelo Shozi’s daughter, who is three years old. Shozi, who is 28 years old, is seeking an interim court order declaring that her daughter, who is three years old, was “unlawfully and unconstitutionally” abducted and that her child must be returned to her immediately. She also seeks an interdict that will prevent Mpisane, 21, and Mkhize from taking her children away from her residence without first obtaining her written permission.

Shozi also names the police minister, Bheki Cele, who is known to be friendly with Mkhize’s family, as the third respondent in her summons, which she submitted on Wednesday. On the other hand, she does not accuse him of anything in the 24-page document that she submitted. The comment section was closed till further notice for Cele.

Shozi asserts in the documents she filed with the court that ever since her daughter was taken away from her in March of the previous year, she has been denied permission to visit her child.
The attorney for Mkhize and Mpisane, Ntsako Godi, denied that his clients had kidnapped the child and stated that they would be challenging Shozi’s motion.

This application will be defended, and we are convinced that we have a strong case. This is an attention-seeking stunt that is being pulled for the media, he said, adding that there was no reason for Shozi to include Cele as a respondent given that she did not make any accusations against him and that he was not involved in the situation in any way.

Godi questioned Shozi’s decision to not file a report at a police station if she believed that her child had been kidnapped because this is a serious crime. Godi was confused as to why Shozi had not done this.

“The child has never been taken from MaMkhize and Andile’s home and has been raised there at all times since birth,” he claimed. “The child was never taken.”

Shozi charges her ex-boyfriend and his mother in the court documents that they coerced both of her children into submitting to DNA testing so that he could establish paternity of her children.

“As if that were not sufficient, I was also contacted to submit to the DNA test. The purpose of this was to determine whether or not I am the biological mother of… “You’re welcome,” I replied.

“I did not have any reservations about submitting to the DNA test. Throughout our time together, [Mpisane] could always count on my whole attention and devotion. What I took issue with was the way in which they approached it; it is against the law to kidnap the child and force both of us to submit to DNA testing.

Shozi asserts in court documents that the drama began on March 4, 2016, when she received a phone call from Mkhize asking her to bring her grandkids to visit her at her house in La Lucia because “she was missing them.” Mkhize allegedly made this request.

Shozi reported that they came to an agreement that the children, who were sent to the location wearing their pajamas, would spend the night there and be picked up the following morning.

Shozi asserts that Mkhize told her the following day that her eldest child was not feeling well and that she would take care of her until she recovered, while the younger child, who was only two years old at the time, was returned to her the same night.

Shozi also claims that Mkhize is “refusing to furnish her with proof that she was taken to the doctor” and “declining to divulge the supposed sickness.”

“There has been no further communication [about her sickness] for more than ten months at this point… Shozi claims in her affidavit that it is “obvious that [Mpisane and Mkhize] had ulterior motivations, which is to abduct [her].” [Citation needed]

Godi stated that Mpisane did not have access to the younger daughter, and that Shozi was the one who cared for her around the clock.

“Why are Andile’s rights in regard to the other child not being taken into consideration? “Why should we be worried about Sithelo not having seen her child since March but it’s fine for Andile not to have access?” he asked. “Why should we be worried about Sithelo not having seen her child since March?”

Godi stated that Shozi’s claims that she was unable to contact the child were untrue because in July of the previous year, when she first complained about not having access, she was given the cellphone number of the child’s nanny to call on. Shozi’s claims that she was unable to contact the child date back to July of the previous year.

Godi made reference to Mpisane’s recent proposal to Tamia Louw when she said, “She’s bitter and resentful that Andile has found happiness elsewhere.” Godi was referring to the fact that Andile had found happiness elsewhere.

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Godi continued to deny that Shozi was coerced into undergoing DNA testing, claiming that the examinations, which took place during the period that a parenting agreement was being negotiated, were voluntary.

He explained that whenever DNA testing is performed on children, it is common procedure to obtain a sample of the mother’s blood to use as a comparison.

Godi also mentioned that Shozi had released a comparable application one month ago, but then retracted it.

Shozi asserts in her affidavit that her eldest daughter was transported from Durban to Johannesburg without her knowledge or approval, and that she has not been permitted to visit her since the move took place.

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