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8-year-old pregnant Zimbabwean girl refuses to disclose the name of the abuser to the police has learned that a pregnant nine-year-old girl from Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe who is believed to have been the victim of sxual assault has refused to provide the name of the man who abused her to the police.

The girl, who lives in Masekesa Village and is governed by Chief Gampu, is the youngest known pregnant mother in the history of Zimbabwe.

8-year-old pregnant Zimbabwean girl refuses to disclose the name of the abuser to the police

When she became pregnant, she was just eight years old.

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According to Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, a spokesman for the National Police, the first time they got an allegation of rape was on August 30 of this year. At the time, the third-grade student was already seven months pregnant.

On Tuesday, Nyathi reported the following: “The child was taken for a medical examination, which revealed the pregnancy. Unfortunately, to this day, she has not divulged the identity of the individual who sexually abused her in the past. As police, we have reason to think that she was the target of a threat.

“It is imperative that I emphasise that we will not give up, and that we are still doing our investigations with specialist officers, medical experts, and counsellors who are all doing their best to get to the bottom of this situation,” said the spokesperson.

The young woman is presently being treated at one of the hospitals in United Bulawayo, and it is anticipated that she will give birth by caesarean section some time during the month of November.

Only six occurrences of a kid nine years old or younger giving birth are known to have occurred in Africa. One of these incidents occurred in Senegal, one in Kenya, one in Namibia, one in South Africa, and two in Nigeria.

The record was set in 1939 by a woman named Lina Media from Peru. She was five years and seven months old when she gave birth. The baby’s biological father was never found, but Medina’s father was detained on suspicion of sexual abuse and eventually freed owing to a lack of evidence. The identity of the baby’s biological father was never discovered.

According to the acting CEO of United Bulawayo Hospitals, Dr. Harrison Murambanapasi, the delivery of the Tsholotsho girl is expected to present “a lot of complications” for the medical staff.

According to professionals in the medical field, the girl had precocious puberty, which is the condition that occurs when a child’s body begins to change into that of an adult before the time that is regarded to be normal. Menstruation and the growth of breasts are two indicators that puberty has arrived early.

It is known that certain genetic diseases, a history of the condition in the family, difficulties with the central nervous system, and tumours or growths on the ovaries, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, or brain can sometimes induce early puberty.

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