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Zimbabwean Prophet Warned Costa But He Responded Like AKA To Death Warning

Zimbabwean prophet Mellontik Orasi has claimed that South African rapper Costa Titch responded to his death warning similarly to his mentor and collaborator, AKA. On the 2nd of March, Orasi delivered a prophecy stating that a well-known South African musician would pass away soon. Unfortunately, seven days later, Costa Titch passed away at the Johannesburg Ultra Music Festival on Saturday night. While the cause of death is yet to be officially confirmed, it is believed that the rapper suffered a seizure, possibly brought on by flashing lights at the Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

Costa Titch, born Costa Tsobanoglou, was known for his hit song “Nkalakatha” and had a history of epilepsy, a condition that affects the brain and causes seizures. Photosensitive epilepsy is when seizures are triggered by flashing lights or contrasting light and dark patterns. The rapper’s tragic passing has left fans and industry players devastated, with many paying tribute to him on social media.

Zimbabwean Prophet Warned Costa But He Responded Like AKA To Death Warning

Prophet Mellontik Orasi had shared a screenshot of a prophecy he made on the 2nd of March, which he claimed was related to the passing of Costa Titch.

Zimbabwean Prophet may have prophesied Costa Titch’s death because of dark places

In the prophetic message, the Zimbabwean cleric said he had reached out to the musician but he had remained “adamant that Christianity is a myth.” He urged the artist to seek God, stating that all hope was not lost for the South African musician whose life could still be preserved if they repented.

Zimbabwean Prophet Warned Costa But He Responded Like AKA To Death Warning

This is not the first time that Prophet Mellontik Orasi has warned South African musicians about their lifestyles. In a Facebook post prior to Costa Titch’s passing, he had warned people in the music industry in South Africa to seek Jesus and be saved. However, his warnings have been met with ridicule by some, including AKA.

AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, is a well-known South African rapper and producer who had collaborated with Costa Titch on the hit song “Super Soft”. He has also been a mentor to the young rapper. However, AKA has been critical of Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s prophecies and has ridiculed him on social media. In a tweet last year, he accused the prophet of seeking attention and stated that he did not take him seriously.

AKA’s response to the prophet’s warnings mirrors Costa Titch’s alleged response, with both artists seemingly dismissive of the idea of seeking God. This has sparked debate among fans and industry players about the role of religion in the lives of musicians and whether prophecies should be taken seriously.

Some have argued that musicians, like any other profession, should have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit, without being judged or preached to by others. Others have pointed out that the music industry is known for its excesses, with many artists struggling with addiction, mental health issues, and other challenges. They argue that prophecies like those of Prophet Mellontik Orasi serve as a wake-up call for musicians to take their health and well-being seriously and seek help if they need it.

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Regardless of where one stands on the issue, the passing of Costa Titch is a tragedy that has left a void in the South African music industry. The young rapper was known for his energetic performances, catchy hooks, and unique style, and his passing has been felt by fans and fellow musicians alike. As the industry mourns his loss, it is important to remember his contributions to the music scene and the impact he had on those who knew him.


His family, the Tsobanoglou, confirmed his passing and thanked fans for their support during this difficult time.

In a statement released after his passing, the family expressed their pain and asked for privacy as they try to make sense of their loss. They also thanked those who were present in Costa’s last moments, including the emergency responders who tried to save his life.

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Costa Titch rose to fame in South Africa with hit singles like “Nkalakatha” and “Big Flexa”. He was recently signed to Akon’s record label and collaborated with several notable artists in the industry. Before entering the music industry, he started out as a backup dancer, performing at events like Cassper Nyovest’s “Fill Up The Dome”.

Following the news of his passing, Costa’s fans and fellow musicians paid tribute to him on social media. One of his closest collaborators and friends, AKA, had also passed away just a month earlier. Costa had paid tribute to him on social media and thanked him for his support throughout his career.

While Costa tried to stay away from trouble, he did have some beef with other rappers in the industry. He once made comments about rappers who switched to Amapiano, a popular genre in South Africa, which caused a rift between him and Cassper Nyovest. However, this disagreement was short-lived and did not affect his popularity in the industry.

Costa’s passing is a tragic loss for South Africa’s music industry, which has already experienced the loss of several young and talented artists in recent years. His fans will continue to remember him through his music and the impact he had on their lives.

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