Chris Brown on Generations The Legacy (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)

Generations: The Legacy, a highly popular drama series in South Africa, has gained immense attention for its gripping and thrilling storylines. Despite undergoing a rebranding process from its predecessor, Generations, the show continues to captivate viewers with its compelling content.

The remarkable success of Generations: The Legacy can be attributed to its star-studded cast, who bring these enthralling storylines to life.

One particular moment in the show’s history stands out, involving the appearances of international sensations Chris Brown and Samuel L. Jackson. Their involvement added an extra layer of excitement and star power to the series.

Back in 2013, Generations: The Legacy pleasantly surprised viewers by featuring the acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson in a cameo role. Jackson’s unparalleled flair and talent left a lasting impression on South African audiences.

His portrayal of the character showcased his exceptional acting skills, and he even had the honor of presenting an award at the prestigious South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) that year.

These appearances by Chris Brown and Samuel L. Jackson not only contributed to the show’s popularity but also created a historic milestone for Generations: The Legacy. The combination of international stars and local talent offered a unique and unforgettable experience for viewers.


However, the success of Generations: The Legacy hasn’t come without its fair share of behind-the-scenes drama. In 2014, the show made headlines when the production team decided to part ways with 16 actors from the series.

IN OTHER NEWS: TIof TIof for jobs: Health Ministry bosses exposed for exploiting women

The Zimbabwe Health Workers Union has raised concerns about unethical practices within the Ministry of Health and Child Care. According to a letter dated May 16, 2023, addressed to the Acting Health Secretary, the general secretary of the union, L. Sarai, accused high-ranking officials of engaging in inappropriate behavior.

The union highlighted that certain department heads are taking advantage of their authority by attending workshops and assignments that are originally intended for junior employees.

These workshops often come with financial benefits, and instead of allowing the intended recipients to participate, the department heads seize these opportunities for their own gain.

In addition to this misconduct, the union also expressed dissatisfaction with the leaders’ lack of responsibility in sharing the knowledge gained from these workshops with other staff members. The norm is for the leaders to relay the information to their subordinates, but they have neglected this duty.

The union further revealed that in some extreme cases, directors have attended workshops that were specifically designed to benefit junior officers. Upon returning, these bosses then delegate the task of teaching others or disseminating the information to the junior officers, adding an unfair burden on them.

Most alarmingly, the union exposed instances where some bosses were exploiting work-related workshops to solicit sexual favors. This misuse of opportunities meant for learning and information sharing is deeply disturbing and requires immediate attention.

The union urged the Acting Health Secretary to investigate these matters and hold the responsible individuals accountable for their actions. However, attempts to gather a response from the Ministry of Health spokesperson, Donald Mujiri, were unsuccessful as he had not provided any comments.

Ruth Labode, the chairperson of parliament’s health committee, stated that she had not been informed of the grievances raised by health workers, indicating a lack of awareness within the committee regarding these issues.

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