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Big Zulu responds after ‘ex’ compared him

Big Zulu responds after ‘ex’ compared him

Big Zulu responds after ‘ex’ compared him to Master KG in bed

Singer Queen Lolly has made headlines after she claimed to have had private relations with prominent figures in the South African entertainment industry. During an episode of the YouTube podcast show called Omakhwapheni, which is a platform for women to discuss their experiences as mistresses or “side chicks,” Queen Lolly named Big Zulu, Master KG, and retired footballer Teko Modise as some of the individuals she had been sexually involved with.

Big Zulu responds after ‘ex’ compared him

Queen Lolly went on to claim that she is Master KG’s baby mama, saying they had more than one child but she miscarried one of them. She shared that she and Master KG dated before he was a well-known artist, but the relationship ended when she discovered the Ghanama hitmaker, Makhadzi, at the DJ’s house. The singer also revealed that she was sexually involved with Big Zulu and said that he was better in bed than Master KG, giving him a rating of 10/10 compared to Master KG’s 0.1/10.

In an interview with Daily Sun, Queen Lolly expressed that she did not regret anything she said during the podcast and that Big Zulu treated her well, both financially and in bed, during their relationship. However, Big Zulu has responded to Queen Lolly’s claims and said that she is tarnishing his image and he would rather not comment on the matter.

Queen Lolly’s claims have sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many questioning the validity of her statements and others expressing shock and surprise. The issue raises the question of whether or not it is acceptable for individuals to publicly discuss their sexual relationships and the potential consequences that may come with it.

In a world where technology and social media have made it easier to share personal information, it is important to consider the impact that these disclosures may have on one’s reputation and the reputation of others involved. The issue of Queen Lolly’s claims highlights the need for individuals to think carefully about what they share online and the potential consequences that may follow.

It is also important to note that in South Africa, there are laws that protect the privacy of individuals and prohibit the dissemination of false or misleading information. Those who make false or defamatory statements can be held liable for damages, and in severe cases, could face criminal charges.

In conclusion, while Queen Lolly’s claims have certainly created a buzz on social media and sparked discussions about the impact of personal disclosures, it is important to approach the issue with caution and consider the potential consequences of sharing sensitive information. Whether or not the claims are true, the impact on the individuals involved is undeniable and serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting one’s privacy and reputation in the digital age.

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