Happy Thabo Bester jams out in prison cell, netizens divided

The latest viral video featuring Thabo Bester, the notorious Facebook rapist, has sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms, leaving users divided in their opinions.

In the clip shared on Sunday, 11 February, Bester can be seen nonchalantly dancing in his prison cell, prompting a range of responses from netizens.

With Bester and his girlfriend, disgraced doctor Nandipha Magudumana, scheduled to appear in court on 21 February, the video adds a surreal dimension to an already sensational case.

The couple faces a litany of charges, including defeating the ends of justice, fraud, corruption, violating a corpse, and arson.

Magudumana also faces additional charges related to aiding an inmate’s escape and concealing an escaped offender.

Social media users were quick to express their divergent views on Bester’s demeanor in the video. While some applauded his seemingly carefree attitude, others found it deeply troubling.

Many questioned Magudumana’s association with Bester, expressing bewilderment at her involvement with someone of his reputation.

Recalling the events of the last court appearance, where charges against three G4S employees were dropped in connection to Bester’s escape, the case continues to draw intense scrutiny.

Bester’s announcement of prominent advocates representing him, including Advocate Dali Mpofu and Advocate Zandile Mshololo, further adds to the intrigue surrounding the legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, Magudumana’s absence from the courtroom due to alleged food poisoning, as announced by her lawyer, Machini Motloung, raises eyebrows and fuels speculation about the ongoing drama surrounding the case.

Social media reactions to the video varied widely, with some expressing amusement, while others lamented the perceived embarrassment and disbelief at the situation.

The polarizing nature of the responses underscores the complexity of the case and the public’s ongoing fascination with its unfolding developments.

As Bester’s trial continues to captivate public attention, social media remains a platform for users to express their opinions and engage in spirited debate over the controversial figures and events involved.

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