Meet Baby Busi’s mom

Cassidy Rose Tshiamo Ledwaba, a prominent South African actress, gained widespread recognition in June 2022 through her captivating role in the highly popular television fashion soap opera, House of Zwide.

Known for portraying the firstborn daughter of Mampho (played by Gaisang Noge) and Nkosikhona Zwide (portrayed by Wanda Zuma), Cassidy has become a beloved character, bringing warmth and love to the Zwide household, even winning the affection of her on-screen stepmother, Shoki.

While viewers are familiar with Cassidy’s on-screen family dynamics, the identity of her biological mother remains a lesser-known aspect of her personal life.

Unveiling this mystery reveals that Cassidy’s mother is Itumeleng Ledwaba, a skilled South African professional makeup artist who contributes behind the scenes at House of Zwide. Itumeleng has been an integral part of the crew responsible for the captivating looks showcased on the television soapie.

Itumeleng’s journey into the realm of makeup artistry began with her admiration for her mother and sisters, who would spend extended periods pampering themselves in front of the mirror. Enchanted by the process of eyebrow shaping, foundation application, and lipstick application, Itumeleng turned to online platforms like YouTube to immerse herself in makeup tutorial videos.

Fueling her obsession with facial aesthetics, Itumeleng started practicing makeup application by surreptitiously borrowing her mother’s and sister’s makeup kits. As her skills developed, she took the initiative to save money and purchase her own makeup kit, eventually turning her passion into a source of income by offering makeup services to others.

Motivated by her profound love for makeup, Itumeleng decided to pursue a professional path in the field, obtaining a certification to formalize her expertise. Today, she operates a successful makeup salon named “Blended by Tumi,” as showcased on her Instagram bio. Notably, her Instagram bio proudly identifies her as the mother of the beloved child actress, Baby “Busi.”

Itumeleng’s Instagram business page, adorned with captivating looks, provides a glimpse into her artistic prowess, showcasing the transformational magic she weaves with her makeup artistry.

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