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Amapiano singer Coolkiid admits to r@ping 13-year-old girl [watch]

Amapiano singer Coolkiid admits to r@ping 13-year-old girl [watch]. South African amapiano and afropop singer Coolkiid, also known as Avuyile Nkompolo, has recently been the center of controversy after a video of him confessing to having unprotected sx with a minor was shared on social media.

The “Ingelosi” hitmaker was arrested in December of last year after the victim’s father filed a rape case against him. In the video, the girl’s father can be seen questioning Coolkiid about the incident and the use of protection.

According to Daily Sun, Coolkiid and the victim met in Stilfontein, North West, when she was visiting her father who lives with the singer. The victim was reportedly smitten with the celebrity and wrote him a letter asking him to have sx with her, to which he agreed.

Amapiano singer Coolkiid admits to r@ping 13-year-old girl [watch]

After being arrested, Coolkiid spent New Year’s Day under police guard in Tshepong Hospital in Klerksdorp due to serious head injuries sustained from being physically assaulted by the victim’s father. On January 17th, he appeared at the Stilfontein Magistrate’s Court and was granted R2 000 bail.

Amapiano singer Coolkiid admits to r@ping 13-year-old girl [watch]

Despite confessing to the crime, Coolkiid’s bail has been met with criticism from the victim’s family, with the victim’s uncle calling the South African law “weak” for granting him bail instead of keeping him behind bars. The uncle expressed his anger and frustration over the situation, saying that the singer has destroyed the victim’s future and is acting as if there is no consequences for his actions. He also expressed a desire to see the singer rot in jail.

The situation brings to light the issue of sxual exploitation and abuse, especially towards minors, in South Africa. It is concerning that a celebrity such as Coolkiid would engage in such behavior, particularly given the influence they hold over their fans. The fact that he was granted bail, despite confessing to the crime, only perpetuates the belief that celebrities are above the law and can get away with anything.

The impact of sexual abuse on minors can be devastating and long-lasting. It is important for justice to be served in cases like these and for perpetrators to be held accountable for their actions. The South African legal system needs to ensure that such cases are taken seriously and that appropriate measures are taken to protect the victims.

Moreover, the role of social media in these types of situations is also worth noting. The video of Coolkiid confessing was widely shared on social media, bringing attention to the issue and potentially spreading awareness about the dangers of sxual exploitation and abuse.

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On the other hand, the spread of false information or rumors can also have a damaging effect on both the victim and the accused. In this case, it is important to verify the information being shared and to respect the privacy of all involved parties.

In conclusion, the situation involving Coolkiid highlights the need for stronger laws and better enforcement in South Africa to protect minors from sexual exploitation and abuse. It is also a reminder of the influence celebrities hold and the responsibility they have to use their platform for good. The spread of information and awareness through social media can be a powerful tool, but it is important to approach such situations with sensitivity and caution.

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