Actress Amanda du Pont reacts to Jub Jub arrest

Swazi-South African actress, Amanda du Pont, remains resilient in the face of internet trolls following her courageous actions of laying charges against her ex-boyfriend, Jub Jub, for rape, attempted murder, and assault.

Although Amanda has not directly addressed Jub Jub’s arrest, she has subtly hinted at her state of mind through her Instagram Stories. She shared a captivating picture of the Johannesburg skyline at sunset, accompanied by the popular gospel track “My Life Is In Your Hands” by God’s Property. Moreover, the determined actress showcased her strength and determination in the gym, posting a clip of herself displaying impressive boxing skills.

As an advocate against gender-based violence, Amanda also responded to an Instagram post by the organization Women For Change, welcoming Jub Jub’s arrest. Her support was evident as she left a fist-pump emoji and a white heart emoji in her comment.

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