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Heaven on earth. A look inside AKA’s house

The recent passing of South African rapper AKA has brought to light the level of wealth he had accumulated during his time in the music industry. Although he was never one to flaunt his riches, it has become apparent that AKA was a millionaire, with his home in Bryanston, Johannesburg alone costing upwards of R4 million.

After his untimely death, many celebrities visited AKA’s family in support. It was surprising to many that such wealth could have been accumulated by AKA, especially given his beef with fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest. While many fans believed AKA’s music was superior to Nyovest’s, it was Nyovest who was often praised for his business acumen.

Heaven on earth. A look inside AKA’s house

However, AKA revealed in one of his last interviews that it was all about perception.

AKA was a successful artist who had a significant impact on the South African music industry. He had multiple hit songs, including “Jealousy,” “All Eyes on Me,” and “Fela in Versace,” which were popular not only in South Africa but also across the African continent.

AKA was also a businessman, and his partnership with Cruz Vodka was one of his most lucrative business ventures. He was able to leverage his celebrity status to promote the brand, and as a result, he earned millions of rands from the partnership. His ability to keep his business moves under wraps was commendable, as it allowed him to build his wealth without attracting too much unwanted attention.

While AKA may have been guarded about his wealth, his family and close friends were aware of his financial situation. The late rapper was able to provide for his family and even splurged on luxurious items such as high-end cars and designer clothing. His home in Bryanston was a testament to his success, as it was located in one of Johannesburg’s wealthiest suburbs.

AKA’s passing was a significant loss to the South African music industry, and his fans and fellow artists alike mourned his death. The outpouring of support for his family was a testament to the impact he had on people’s lives, both through his music and his personality. His death also served as a reminder that life is fleeting, and that we should cherish the people we love while we still can.

AKA’s wealth was not something he openly flaunted, but it became apparent after his passing that he had accumulated a significant amount of wealth during his time in the music industry. Despite the controversies surrounding his financial dealings, it is undeniable that AKA was a successful artist and businessman who had a significant impact on the South African music industry. His legacy will undoubtedly live on, and he will be remembered as one of the most influential artists of his generation.

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