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ABWA resumes operations: Sets a new business tone

ABWA resumes operations: Sets a new business tone. ABWA a local initiative led by Dr Shamiso Fred has resumed operations countrywide despite some set backs. The local initiative which has benefited thousands of villagers countywide has fully recovered and is set to organise stakeholders meetings for regular business updates.

ABWA resumes operations: Sets a new business tone (Dr Shamiso Fred)

Fred whose opponents meant to see the empire collapsing has surprised many people with the local tycoon bouncing back on the market. The market has welcomed ABWA after few detractors went on a rampage to destroy the gains of the local initiative. Speaking to media last night, media personality, Fungai Machere applauded the role ABWA played in many communities to ensure that locals benefit from the scheme which is part of Government ‘ s vision 2030 mandate set by President Mnangagwa.

During her recent tour with foreign investors, and other international partners, Fred emphasized the need to protect those with the desire to be part of the national development agenda. Apart from the local initiative, Fred’ s ABWA has donated ambulances to communities like Domboshava, Shamva, Norton and many others, and she has mobilized resources for the disadvantaged in several communities.

The dairy initiative which is set to supply local manufacturing sector and processing of products of yoghurt, ice cream and other several products. During the temporary closure of ABWA, several stakeholders expressed disappointment at the administrative decision to close the initiative insisting that whilst set backs are normal in life, this should not affect the entire manufacturing sector and other entities which were benefiting from the project.

Few months ago, ABWA ‘ s employment scale had risen to 2000 , and their ultimate goal was 5000 by 2030 which is in line with the national mandate. Speaking to media briefly, ABWA ‘s Technical Advisor, Tendai Muvhimi has echoed the same sentiments that the local initiative is going to launch the project in many parts of the country.

“We have fully recovered, and we have normalised relations with stakeholders, and we are still engaging more people, and we are coming to a level of understanding and this phase shall come to pass”.

Whilst there were some quarters who were spreading malicious damage against the ABWA’ s strongwoman , she has literally proved them wrong , and the project has resumed it’s operations on a full scale. Production in several farms has resumed, and those who visited their premises has echoed the same, and workers were seen on the premises. Reuters

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