ABWA leads a rural industrialization & transformational agenda

ZIMBABWE: Dr Shamiso Fred’s local initiative, ABWA is leading a massive rural transformational agenda through local and regional initiatives. ABWA which has expanded in different sectors such as Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and infrastructure development to meet local needs and bridging community gap has been hailed from different quarters.

Domboshava community hailed Fred’s project which has built relationships in Domboshava and facilitating inputs for local farmers who were already abandoning commercial farming. ABWA project which is line with President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 agenda of ensuring that locals are empowered and helping women who are disadvantaged in different parts of the country.

ABWA leads a rural industrialization & transformational agenda

Despite some setbacks, Fred has survived under harsh conditions, and remained focused and committed on building the project. ABWA which has gained huge traction on the market is expected to rebrand to increase market share, penetrate the market, and build partnerships to promote domestic and foreign investments.

A number of representatives from different entities were seen on ABWA premises, with a number of agreements to be signed to search for new markets and expansion of the project. Zimbabwe is privileged to have the local initiative on board for the benefit of local markets, creation of employment, flow of income to the national fiscus in form of taxes, supply of local suppliers, breeding local empowerment projects, promotion of local content and building a broader inclusive approach for investors and international partners.

Many players were optimistic that Dr Fred would revive the initiative and Zimbabwe markets could not afford to have ABWA out of the race. The project has benefitted many communities with some receiving funding for their initiatives, building clinics, hospitals, assisting orphans in Harare and Chishawasha.

The project was set to fund tertiary institutions in Agriculture area. Apart from supplying dairy products, ABWA is set to establish an institution for fellowship programs and exchange programs for both local and international partners.

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