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A Man Returns Home Unannounced And Busts His Wife In Bed With His Best Friend 

Police officers are currently detaining a middle-aged guy for reportedly brutally beating his wife to death after catching her red-handed in bed with another man late at night.

The suspect has been away for some time. On a particular night, he returns home unannounced and discovers his wife with another man on the bed.

“I had gone to work,” the guy explained to the cops. When I returned, I discovered my wife’s clothes on the floor.

Then I realized my wife was having an affair with someone else. I went to the bedroom, where I heard my wife’s voice.

A male voice was also heard, which I recognized, it was my best friend’s voice. The door to the bedroom slowly opened. My suspicions were correct; my best friend was having an affair with my wife. 

I closed the front door quietly. When I arrived three hours later, I rang the doorbell, which was answered by my wife. She was dressed up. She inquired as to why I appeared to be melancholy, and I explained that I was depressed as a result of something.

I kicked my wife so hard on her lower abdomen, and unfortunately, she felt down.” He narrates.

Salta Hassan, the deceased’s sister, told police that an argument broke out shortly after the suspect arrived home. He said that his wife was having an affair with a mutual acquaintance. “When my sister filed for divorce, the man promised that he would not leave her alive, and his warnings came true when he stabbed her in the back while the were children around. “I watched in disbelief as the 11-year-old eldest child attempted to break up the brawl,” she added.

The suspect has already been apprehended by police and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

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